Virginia Elections

Virginia Department of Elections

Now that the deadline for registering new voters has come and gone, election officials across Virginia are entering the final stretch toward Election Day. 

Virginia Department of Elections

Registrars throughout Virginia are concerned the computer system that keeps track of voters may not hold up to increased traffic as Election Day approaches. 

Newly Drawn 4th District May Switch from Red to Blue

Sep 30, 2016
Steve Helber / AP

America’s next President won’t be the only office on the ballot this November. Virginia’s Congressional delegation is also up for election. The state is currently represented by eight Republicans and three Democrats.  Those numbers, though, could shift -- and one potential spot of change is an open seat around the state’s capitol. 

Virginia’s 4th Congressional District has been represented by Republican Randy Forbes. But Forbes chose not to run for re-election when a court redrew the district lines to include Richmond and Petersburg.

Virginia Gubernatorial Hopefuls Gearing up for 2017

May 3, 2016
Creative Commons, Flickr

Are you already tired of the presidential campaign? If Election 2016 has become tiresome, go ahead and start getting ready for Election 2017. That’s right, next year is an election year too — one that’s already taking shape.