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Week One at the General Assembly: Lobbying, Lawmaking and Legacy

Virginia's General Assembly is wrapping up its first full-week of lawmaking in Richmond. To get a quick debrief of the action, RadioIQ host Luke Church spoke with reporter Michael Pope. They talked about the lawmaking process, the role of lobbyists, and the legacy of outgoing Governor Terry McAuliffe.

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Lawmakers in Richmond are considering a bill that would crack down on fees attached to loans that critics call predatory. 

Sean MacEntee / Flickr

Last year, a government-owned broadband network in Bristol Virginia was plagued in scandal -- as executives jacked up internet prices on customers who had no other options but to pay or lose service, all while treating themselves to limo rides and skybox seats.

That’s led lawmakers in Richmond to ask: What role should local governments play when it comes to expanding internet access in poor, rural areas?

Scientists Studying Why Your Computer Bogs Down

Jan 19, 2017

You know that sinking feeling when you give your computer a command and nothing happens.  Then, you try again a few moments later and it works just fine? Scientists at Virginia Tech say that kind of computer slow down is on the rise and it’s affecting everything from supercomputers to streaming video. Robbie Harris reports.      

(From “Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Netflix Streaming,” 

University of Virginia

Autism is a mysterious neurological condition marked by repetitious behavior, difficulty communicating and interacting socially.  About one in four people with autism don’t use speech to effectively communicate, but at the University of Virginia one professor offers a class that could break down barriers to understanding what young adults with autism think and feel.  Sandy Hausman has that story.

Charlottesville Gathers

About 1,500 women from Charlottesville are planning to board one of 26 buses for Washington Saturday, but for those who can’t make the trip another event will take place closer to home.

Searching for Ghost Pots in the Chesapeake

Jan 17, 2017
Pamela D'Angelo


Every year, Chesapeake Bay watermen toss about 600,000 pots overboard to catch one of our favorite delicacies – the blue crab. But inevitably, some of those crab pots disappear. They become "ghost pots," killing millions of crabs and other marine species trapped inside.

MBandman / Creative Commons

This just might be the year that Virginia’s constitution starts to change: to allow people convicted of a felony to more easily get their voting rights back. But there are multiple proposals on the table, and advocates for former felons are pushing hard.

Senate Panel Votes to Crack Down on Internet Loans

Jan 17, 2017
Michael Pope

In Richmond, lawmakers are cracking down on internet loans. 


On inauguration day this Friday, there will also be a day-long event in Blacksburg, Virginia featuring music, conversation and a candlelight vigil. Organizers say the gathering aims to bring everyone together for what they’re calling a non-partisan event to “build resistance where we live.”  Robbie Harris reports.  

Michael Pope

Members of the Virginia House of Delegates are about to consider an effort to create a Day of Tears in Virginia. As Michael Pope tells us from the Capitol, the idea is to mourn the loss of unborn children to abortion.


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