Ted S. Warren / AP


During this year’s General Assembly session, lawmakers fought bitterly over several controversial issues — things like restoring voting rights to former felons or the availability of abortion services. But one issue had lawmakers from both parties working together with the governor: Virginia’s opioid problem. 

Final Week at the General Assembly: Gearing Up for Election 2017

Feb 23, 2017
Steve Helber / AP


Lawmakers in Richmond are about to put the finishing touches on a lightning-fast General Assembly session, seeming a bit like it's over before it really began. RadioIQ host spoke with reporter Michael Pope to break it all down.

Virginia's Congressmen Take Different Approaches to Constituent Demands

Feb 23, 2017
Steve Helber / AP


After a whirlwind first month of the new Congress lawmakers took a recess this week, and many are facing the music back home. Constituents have gotten vocal, and are demanding face time. 



Parts of the Potomac River near the Chesapeake Bay are being considered for a national marine sanctuary designation. That’s because the remains of more than 100 World War I wooden steamships lay just below the surface. 


A panel of Virginia and Maryland watermen, though, are suspicious of the designation and how it might affect their livelihood. 

Another Year, Same Results at the General Assembly

Feb 23, 2017
Steve Helber / AP

In Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe is breaking out the veto pen — killing many of the same bills he vetoed last year and the year before that. Michael Pope has this look at Groundhog Day at the General Assembly.

Will Cville Pay Developer to Finish Downtown Hotel?

Feb 23, 2017

For nearly a decade, Charlottesville has suffered in the shadow of an abandoned construction project – a high rise hotel on the downtown mall.  Last year, city council considered suing the owner.  Now, members are talking about paying him to finish the building as Sandy Hausman reports.

A Rally for Robert E. Lee

Feb 23, 2017

The issue of what to do with confederate monuments popped up in Charlottesville last night when a candidate for governor called city council members fascists.  They have voted to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from Lee Park. Sandy Hausman has more on the campaign rally that drew about a hundred people.

Corey Stewart was once Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Virginia.  Now he’s running for governor – attacking city officials in Charlottesville for their decision to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee.



The Delmarva Peninsula lies under the Atlantic Migratory flyway, a path waterfowl migrate through. As Europe deals with recent outbreaks of a severe strain of Avian Influenza, some local poultry growers worry that just one infected bird passing through the region could contaminate and kill whole flocks of chickens.

RC Poll: Division Abounds Among Virginians

Feb 22, 2017
Chris O'Meara / AP

A new poll from Roanoke College shows that Virginia reflects a growing divide among Americans on both sides of the political aisle.

Steve Helber / AP

Should local and state law enforcement officials enforce federal immigration laws? That’s a debate that heating up in the final days of the General Assembly session in Richmond this week.


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