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SpaceX is a company run by Elon Musk. It’s made headlines for revolutionizing space travel. But the company is also focused on travel right here on Earth, a high-speed futuristic train called the Hyperloop.

Charlottesville Protests Border Policy

7 hours ago

More than 175 people gathered in Charlottesville last night to demand an end to the Zero Tolerance policy announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions along the nation’s southern border. That policy has led to separation of children from parents, and as Sandy Hausman reports, the policy is unpopular with many in Central Virginia.  Then, stay tuned for the voices of more protesters reading their signs.

The solar energy industry is getting better and better at producing power at lower cost than ever before but storing that energy for a rainy day remains a major roadblock. Batteries have their limitations, but scientists at Virginia Tech are taking a cue from how nature’s plants store energy.    

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In Virginia, some students are suspended for months, or even an entire school year. A new law that takes effect July 1st, seeks to change that.

U.S. National Guard photo by Terra C. Gatti

Governor Ralph Northam says Virginia’s National Guard won’t be used to support the current federal immigration crackdown.

Governor Ralph Northam will sign a bill Tuesday aimed at making feminine hygiene products more available in prisons and jails in Virginia. But advocates for menstrual equity say much more needs to be done.

Charlottesville has a new police chief – the first woman to hold the job. 

National Museum of the Civil War Soldier

Children heading for summer camp have lots of choice – from conventional outdoor adventures to computer programming, the science of space travel and sports of all kinds.  Here in Virginia there’s a camp that allows kids to experience the American Civil War.  It's located in Dinwiddie County near Petersburg.

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Last month was one of the warmest Mays ever, with a few locations across Virginia seeing record average temperatures.


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