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Anti-pipeline protesters were vocal through two days of public hearings on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. But when a vote finally came, there were no rounds of applause, no shouts of anger. Just confusion.

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Immigration policy has become one of the most hotly debated topics in Washington and in Richmond. But, as Michael Pope reports, some key details are missing.

University Montessori

Educators worry about the fact that low income children as a group don’t do as well in school as those who come from wealthier families. Special pre-school programs can help, but they’re expensive. Now, a psychologist from the University of Virginia has evidence that another approach could address this problem at no additional cost.

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The controversial Atlantic Coast Pipeline faces its final regulatory hurdle in Virginia: permits to be voted on by the state water control board. The two day board meeting began Monday morning with a pump-up for anti pipeline activists. 

Annoyed residents in a Norfolk neighborhood are calling for a grand jury to investigate a footbridge. And Virginia Commonwealth University is under pressure to increase pay for part-time teachers in its nationally-acclaimed art school.

Singer/songwriter and author Dar Williams will be speaking Monday evening December 11 in Roanoke on her new book “What I Found In A Thousand Towns:  A Traveling Musician’s Guide To Rebuilding America’s Communities.” 

It’s been a year since the state announced an agreement with DuPont – a company that allowed mercury to pollute the South River in Waynesboro.  The firm agreed to pay $50 million, and this weekend the governor showed up to take a bow, but not everyone was cheering.

Ragged Branch Distillery

The first batch of whiskey in the new world was distilled in Virginia nearly 400 years ago, and in his time native son George Washington would become its biggest producer, bottling 11,000 gallons in 1798 alone.  Today, Virginia has 42 distilleries, including a new enterprise offering bourbon and beef.  

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 After two full days of public hearings, Virginia’s State Water Control Board has given its stamp of approval on the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The pipeline is slated to carry natural gas, running 300 miles through southwest Virginia.

This time of year can be hard for people who’ve lost friends or relatives, but one Virginia woman is showing the world how to channel grief and make meaning of loss.  


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