New Virginia Laws Go Into Effect July 1st

A series of new laws are set to go into effect tomorrow, including parts of a landmark gun compromise between Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe and Republican lawmakers.
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 The reverberations of the Supreme Court throwing out the conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is being felt across the nation. 

Fraternity Brothers' Rolling Stone Suit Rejected

7 hours ago

A federal court judge in New York has thrown out the lawsuit filed by three members of Phi Kappa Psi at the University of Virginia.  They claimed Rolling Stone magazine damaged their reputations in a story that alleged a gang rape at the fraternity.  Charlottesville lawyer Lloyd Snook, who has followed the case closely, says he’s not surprised by the court’s decision.

Concussion Discussion: Measuring Sports’ Impacts

Jun 30, 2016

This past spring, the NFL acknowledged for the first time, that there’s a connection between players’ head injuries and chronic brain disease.  What’s followed is broader public acceptance of what many scientists already knew. Last year, researchers at Virginia Tech began the largest and longest study of football related head injury impact on the youngest players.  Robbie Harris checked in on the results so far and she has this report.  

Virginia Bans Smoking in Cars with Children

Jun 30, 2016
Tom Sinon / Flickr

Smoking in a car when a child eight or younger is present will now carry a $100 fine in the state. That’s one of Virginia’s new laws that goes into effect July 1st. 

Only seven other states have similar laws, with different age cut-offs. Maine makes it illegal to smoke if anyone under 13 is in the car. In California, it’s under 18.

Bronson Frick, with Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights says the next step is to have educational outreach that works alongside the law.

State Trooper Sends Support Home to West Virginia

Jun 30, 2016
Mallory Noe-Payne / WVTF

Federal officials are stepping in to aid the thousands without power, homes, or basic needs following devastating flooding in West Virginia last week. But one Virginian is stepping up and doing what she can to help those recovering, loading up a tractor trailer with supplies, and heading home. 

When Virginia state trooper Angie Shaffier checked Facebook last Sunday, she was shocked by the images and stories from friends and family back in Greenbrier, West Virginia -- where she grew up.

Solving a Medical Mystery with Smart Phones

Jun 30, 2016

There are thousands of apps for today’s smart phones – apps that make life easier or more entertaining.  Now, from the University of Virginia, comes news of how iPhones helped solve a medical mystery that may be vexing doctors around the world.  Sandy Hausman has that story.

Like many other hospitals, UVA’S medical center uses a network of pneumatic tubes to deliver blood samples to its central laboratory for testing.  Garrett Mullins, a clinical chemistry fellow, says it’s like what he saw as a kid at the bank’s drive-through.

Associated Press

This week, Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe issued yet another executive order, this time to bypass the General Assembly and take a look at ways the commonwealth can respond to climate change. It’s the latest example of a governor who has increasingly taken to using executive power to accomplish his agenda, a trend that’s causing alarm among Republican leaders in the General Assembly.

Phish and Beavers Headline Lockn' 2016

Jun 29, 2016

In less than two months, more 30-thousand rock fans are expected to converge on Nelson County for the fourth annual Lockn’ Festival. This year organizers will have help from VDOT, Phish  and a large contingent of beavers.  Sandy Hausman has that story.

Phish is the headliner for this year’s show, and festival co-founder Dave Frey is excited.

“Phish is a great rock band,” he says. “They’ve kind of taken the mantle of the Grateful Dead as far as the audience goes.”

A proposal to close veterans hospitals is prompting protests across the country. Led by the union representing V-A workers, the campaign came to Virginia today.

Stephen Z/Flickr

Democrats are hoping to make gun-control a central plank in this year’s elections, but Virginia Republicans say it’s a bad idea.


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