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WVTF RADIO IQ in Philadelphia: Updates from the DNC

Virginians are playing a big role in this year's Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Reporters Sandy Hausman and Matt Laslo are bringing us the latest from delegates and lawmakers alike.
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Tim Kaine: Virginia Senator, Potential Future Vice President

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A Glimpse into Tim Kaine's Political Past

This week, Democrats will be introduced to Senator Tim Kaine at the convention in Philadelphia. But Kaine has a long history here in Virginia dating back to his days as a famous trial lawyer in Richmond. Michael Pope has this look at Kaine’s rise to the national party ticket.
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The Virginia Supreme Court may have overturned Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s executive order restoring voting rights to 200,000 former felons. But that’s not stopping him from moving forward with the plan.

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This week’s Democratic National Convention clearly addressed a variety of people, but when it comes to political strategy, some are more important than others. For the election of Hillary Clinton, the party is moving aggressively to reach them.

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Hillary Clinton’s selection of Tim Kaine includes more than the junior senator from Virginia. It also includes the senator's wife, who was until recently the Secretary of Education — the only person to ever grow up in the Executive Mansion and then return as an adult.

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Virginia’s governor ignited a small firestorm at the Democratic National Convention when he told a reporter that Hillary Clinton would support the Trans Pacific Trade agreement (TPP). Terry McAuliffe said Clinton would insist on some changes to address the concerns of supporters of Bernie Sanders, but she had earlier said she’d oppose the deal.

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When Democrats met Tuesday night in Philadelphia, speakers addressed a range of social issues but barely mentioned the subject of gun violence. Tuesday, Virginia’s attorney general addressed a rally near the Pennsylvania Convention Center urging voters to back candidates who want greater gun controls.

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Trump Supporters 

Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence attracted an overflow crowd to the Hotel Roanoke and Convention Center Monday for their first campaign stop after the Republican National Convention last week. The event attracted people from both sides of the debate over the Republican presidential nominee.

Live Drink Brings Work Alive for Floyd Couple

Jul 26, 2016

When it comes to the work / life balance, many Americans are out of whack.  They clock long hours, don’t take all their vacation time or are in jobs that don’t give them any joy.  Next, we have a story about a couple in Floyd who ditched their old life and found a better way make a living. They opened a ‘Kombuchery’ where they brew the ancient fermented drink. Kombucha is said to have health benefits. And as Robbie Harris reports, for Cassie and Scott Pierce it’s breathed new life into the work they do. 

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Virginia is playing a big role in this year's Democratic National Convention, which got underway today in Philadelphia. 

Virginia Public Access Project

The Richmond Board of Education has contracted with a private company to manage a school for disruptive students, and Loudon County supervisors have sparked a discussion about freedom of information laws by communicating off the record during a public meeting. Those have been among the most read stories over the past week on the Virginia Public Access Project's Va News link at

Sandy Hausman / WVTF

There are 108 delegates and alternates from the Virginia Democratic party attending the National Convention in Philly this week. Along with the delegates there are committee members, pages, and volunteers.

95 of the Virginia delegation are committed to the results of the primary election. As a result, 62 are committed to Clinton and 33 to Sanders in the first round of voting. The remaining 13 are uncommitted.

We will have reports from the convention throughout the week.


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