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For some Americans, salt can be deadly.  Their bodies store too much of it, putting them at increased risk for serious medical problems.  At the University of Virginia scientists are working on ways to test for salt sensitivity as Sandy Hausman reports.

The kidneys are key to salt regulation in the human body.  People who are salt-sensitive store too much of it in their cells, and the condition is often linked to high blood pressure, but UVA Professor Robin Felder says that’s not always the case.

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The family of an infant who died two years ago while under watch of Rockbridge County Child Protective Services is suing the county and state Department of Social Services.

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Fifth District Democrats held a caucus in Albemarle County April 16th.  Officials reported a record turnout, with four candidates competing to run against Republican incumbent Tom Garrett. 

More than 13-hundred Democrats showed up to cast a ballot for their preferred Congressional candidate, creating a range of problems at Albemarle County’s Monticello High.  At one point, traffic was backed up at the exit ramp from I-64, and this woman – who asked that we not use her name – said cars were parked everywhere.

University of Virginia

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine spoke to a private audience at the University of Virginia over the weekend, making some surprising claims about Russia and former President Obama. 

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Since a mass shooting in Parkland, Florida earlier this year, students have taken to the streets – demanding more gun control in this country.   Their actions are inspiring, but this is not the first time young people have led a social movement.

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Members of Congress are about to take up a bill from Congressman Bob Goodlatte this week that might end up being a revolutionary change to the music business.

Virginia Public Access Project

Inmates at the Virginia Beach jail can't have visitors now because old technology has failed.  And a new study shows the state will at some point have to reroute the highway that has crosses Natural Bridge.

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Hundreds of young people marched on the capitol in Richmond Friday to protest gun violence. It was part of a nationwide event on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting, meant to keep up energy and pressure on lawmakers to enact gun control.

For elected officials, getting into office is not the only goal on the agenda. There’s also the issue of getting key committee assignments.  Those assignments are likely to influence how much money they’re able to raise.

UVA Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

Scientists at the University of Virginia say women who store weight in their bellies may be genetically programed to do that, and they could also be at increased risk for diabetes.


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