The Invasion of the Blue Catfish

4 hours ago
Joel McCord


A few years ago, scientists began worrying that blue catfish, the much larger cousins of those squirmy, yellowish bottom feeders, might take over in Chesapeake Bay. They’re big—better than 100 pounds in some cases--voracious eaters and they’re prolific. So, at least one seafood wholesaler appropriated a slogan applied to other invasive fish--eat ‘em to beat ‘em—and began aggressively marketing them. And local watermen have found a new market and seemingly endless supply. 

Evan Vucci / AP

Virginia Beach Congressman Bobby Scott is stepping up his fundraising efforts and forming a new political action committee. It’s the clearest sign yet that he’s angling for the Senate seat that might be vacated by Tim Kaine if he becomes vice president. 

Jeff Saif / Flickr

The distinct limestone arch known as the Natural Bridge became Virginia’s newest State Park over the weekend. The celebration concludes a tense couple of years for the conservation nonprofit that battled disrepair and default to make it happen.  

Clinton Earns Endorsement from Prominent Republican

Sep 28, 2016
Lauren Victoria Burke / AP

Hillary Clinton is picking up a major Republican endorsement in Virginia, longtime Republican Senator John Warner. 

Oyster Farmers Clash With Homeowners and Boaters

Sep 28, 2016
Pamela D'Angelo

This week, Virginia Beach homeowners and recreational boaters unhappy with large metal oyster farming cages on their beaches and waterways asked state officials for help. 

VCU Sees Spike in Sexual Assault Reports

Sep 28, 2016
Steve Helber / AP

During the first two months of school, Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond has logged 15 reports of sexual assault. That's only five fewer than all of last year. 

Virginia Film Festival

The Virginia Film Festival begins November 3rd and runs through the 6th in Charlottesville.  VIP guests include Liv Ullman, Shirley MacLaine, Werner Herzog, Danny McBride and Paige O'Hara -- the voice of Belle in Beauty and the Beast.  Sandy Hausman spoke with festival director Jody Kielbasa.

Police Car Hoods Up, Cameras Can't Shoot?

Sep 28, 2016
Shakeva Frazier

At a time when tensions between police and the communities they serve, often heat up quickly, good communication can help lower the temperature.   That’s what happened in Danville when a story began circulating about police cars seen around town with their hoods up. It got people wondering whether that was being done to block the cars’ dashboard cameras.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Sparks Protest in Buckingham

Sep 27, 2016

About 150 people came to a meeting of the Buckingham County Planning Commission Monday to protest Dominion’s plan for a compressor station that would push natural gas through the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  Sandy Hausman reports on why area residents are worried and what the company had to say.

Rosmarie Voegtli / Flickr

If you purchase health care in Virginia through the Obamacare marketplace, you might want to budget out a bit more in monthly payments this year.


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