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The restaurant and food industry in Virginia is huge, making up one in every ten jobs and bringing in nearly $17 billion annually, according to the National Restaurant Association. But, as the Me Too movement has taken hold, so have women’s voices. From Roanoke to Richmond, people working in the industry say sexual harassment is common.

Seven months after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, two faith leaders in Roanoke have taken the lead at finding out what connects different populations - and unifies them, rather than exposing what keeps them apart.  And it's a gamble that appears to have paid off.

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New numbers from the census bureau show that rural parts of the state are losing population. But that isn’t necessarily a problem.

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Governor Ralph Northam is proposing a new state budget Wednesday. That will kick off a second round of budget negotiations. The first round failed when lawmakers couldn’t agree during their normal legislative session.

Virginia Tech

A Virginia Tech alum has given the University one of its largest gifts ever.  It is aimed at preparing students for the 21st century workplace.   

The Me Too movement has swept across the country, resulting in the firing and resignations of many famous men. The movement has also had an impact on a local level, all across Virginia, as more and more women come forward with experiences of abuse.

National Fish and Wildlife Service - Mark Bohn

Dominion is still waiting for state permission to start work on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, but it got the green light to start taking down trees along the proposed route in January.  Federal regulators considered the likely environmental impact and said the company should stop from mid-March through August to protect migrating birds, but Dominion says it needs to keep cutting. 

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The small town of Newport, Virginia is bracing itself for what's about to happen there; the recently approved, Mountain Valley Pipeline will cross through the heart of the village, carrying natural gas from the Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania through Virginia.

Roanoke College Institute for Policy and Opinion Research

Home prices are on the rise in Virginia, according to a new poll from Roanoke College.

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

State regulators have not yet approved construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, although they have signed off on removal of trees along its proposed path.  More than 160 people have volunteered to keep an eye on crews, and those monitors are already mobilizing and  calling attention to possible violations in three counties.  


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