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Hundreds of young people marched on the capitol in Richmond Friday to protest gun violence. It was part of a nationwide event on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting, meant to keep up energy and pressure on lawmakers to enact gun control.

For elected officials, getting into office is not the only goal on the agenda. There’s also the issue of getting key committee assignments.  Those assignments are likely to influence how much money they’re able to raise.

UVA Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

Scientists at the University of Virginia say women who store weight in their bellies may be genetically programed to do that, and they could also be at increased risk for diabetes.

A Virginia Tech political scientists says the high number of Republicans in Congress not seeking re-election is setting the scene for  Democrats to take the U.S. House in the November elections. But when it comes to congressional races in rural parts of Virginia, support for Republicans remains strong.

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Virginia Republicans hoping to upset Hillary Clinton's former running mate in a U.S. Senate race heaped praise on President Donald Trump at a debate Thursday while arguing over who would be more loyal to the president if elected.

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Two women who have been trying to stop pipeline construction crews now face arrest.

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The primary is only weeks away, and it’s not just the politics that’s heating up. It’s also the race for campaign cash.

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There are countless women’s groups in Virginia, one even dating back to the 1890’s. Now a new space in Richmond is aiming to revive the tradition with a twist. The Broad is part work space, part event venue, part social club. But it’s all, just for women.

Ever since two natural gas pipelines were proposed to traverse Virginia, some people have been trying to stop them. But at every turn, government approvals have been granted and both projects got underway earlier this spring.

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As tree clearing for the Mountain Valley Pipeline moves forward in southwest Virginia, some Democratic lawmakers in Richmond are asking for things to slow down. They’re also demanding support for a protester, who has been sitting in the pipeline’s path.


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