Pamela D'Angelo

Meetings of fisheries managers are not exactly a big draw.

But this week, Atlantic state commissioners' changes in harvests of a menhaden, a baitfish used by crabbers and lobstermen, turned into a hand-wringing session for commercial fishermen, environmentalists, anglers and even the commissioners.

Cville Artist Lets Customers Blow Their Own Ornaments

Nov 16, 2017
Sandy Hausman/Radio IQ

The holiday season lures many of us into activities that might better be left to the experts – building gingerbread houses, for example, or cutting down Christmas trees.  In Charlottesville, the public has another do-it-yourself opportunity that might leave you winded.  

Richmond Man Goes Upscale with Swine Skins

Nov 16, 2017
Sandy Hausman/Radio IQ

Pork rinds are a staple for Southern snackers – crispy fried pig skin, salty and deep fried.  Now, thanks to the efforts of a Richmond man, this humble food is going upscale.

Matthew Moeller / Virginia Tech Transportation Institue

Virginia Tech’s “Smart Road” has been putting cars through their paces for almost 20 years. New additions to its test tracks unveiled in Blacksburg this week are paving the way for driverless cars to, one day, do the driving for us. 

Virginia Approves Carbon Cap and Trade Plan

Nov 16, 2017
Steve Helber / AP



Virginia is one step closer to implementing a cap and trade program. Regulators in Richmond Thursday gave the preliminary stamp of approval on a plan to reduce carbon emissions.


MBandman / Creative Commons

Does Virginia impose an unnecessary burden on low-income workers? Michael Pope has this report about a new study that calls attention to the state’s requirements for licensing.

Much has been written about the decades when America’s baby boomers came of age.  Now, as children raised in the 80’s step into leadership roles, some are looking back on that decade, and the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond is hosting a new show.  

AP Photo / Alex Brandon

Control of the House of Delegates is still in play, and Democrats are calling attention to problems in Fredericksburg. 

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out at UVA

Nov 15, 2017
University of Virginia

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was at the University of Virginia this week – vowing to stay involved in American politics and warning of dangers to the nation’s democracy.  

The Ruination of Lovell Coleman

Nov 15, 2017

Thursday, some Virginians celebrated a special birthday as long-time fiddler Lovell Coleman turns 94.  He became a professional musician at the age of 14, and even now he tours nursing homes to share his energy and talent. 


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