Southwestern Virginia

The solar energy industry is getting better and better at producing power at lower cost than ever before but storing that energy for a rainy day remains a major roadblock. Batteries have their limitations, but scientists at Virginia Tech are taking a cue from how nature’s plants store energy.    

Hachette Press

A new book, co-authored by a Virginia Tech biologist, about-- well let's call it the aftermath of digestion. It made it all the way to the New York Times' best sellers list.

A fire at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant Monday night sent three workers to the hospital.


If you think cell phones have changed the world, get ready for the next generation in communications technology.   The fifth generation, to be precise, and that's why it's called 5G.  

A small army of water rights advocates is holding a summit on water justice in Blacksburg June 1st and 2nd. They're looking to share skills and bring people together around what they call 'the human right that is water.'