Robert E. Lee

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A commission at Washington and Lee University was tasked with examining the school’s history. A report issued Friday made a number of recommendations. But it stops short of calling for a removal of Lee’s name.

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A historic Episcopal church in northern Virginia has decided to relocate two plaques in its sanctuary that honor George Washington and Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, who worshipped there.


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Citing safety concerns, Charlottesville officials announced Monday they’re allowing an upcoming rally of white nationalists only if organizers agree to a different location.


This weekend an alt-right group, widely associated with white nationalism, marched to a Confederate statue in Charlottesville -- carrying torches and chanting. 


The rally made national headlines and now Virginia’s candidates in the upcoming race for governor are weighing in. 

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Three people were arrested Sunday night after a mostly peaceful protest in downtown Charlottesville turned momentarily violent, spilling out into the streets.