Richmond Confronts Past & Present

When a Songwriter Got Her First Song

May 12, 2016


We moved to Richmond maybe like the summer of 2004, and within maybe six months one of our neighbors who we hung out with was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a horrible, painful thing—she had a young daughter, eight years old.


When a Librarian Heard "You're Like Me"

May 6, 2016

My name is Cristina Ramírez, although people here in the States probably say ‘Cristina Ramirez’ because it’s easier and it’s hard to roll your ‘r’s’ and the ‘th’ sound for the ‘z.’ I have that skillset—I speak Spanish, I’m Latina, but I’m also a Professional Librarian.

When a Car Ride Led to Friendship

Apr 28, 2016

This is how a friendship started. 

Paige Chargois was picking up her newspaper at the Independent Living community where she lives in Richmond. That’s when she met a woman who appeared to be lost. The woman was a new neighbor, and she needed to get to a bank to cash a check.


When Diversity Became An Asset

Apr 22, 2016


Matthew Freeman grew up in Richmond’s West End. His family moved to the white flight suburb when his father became pastor of a Henrico church in the early 1980s.


“So I grew up in that kind of suburban environment—very conservative religiously, politically. The people around me, and me myself, went to great public schools but in a very homogeneous environment,” says Freeman.


His environment, however, wasn’t completely homogeneous.

Civil War...Still Fighting

Aug 7, 2015
AP Photo/Steve Helber

Those who say Virginia—and Richmond—are still fighting the Civil War need only look at current state policy changes and debates over the Confederate flag and monuments to back up their claims. 

And now while the home of the Confederacy and former slave-trading hub will soon be home to one of the most watched sporting events in the world, some say that as the country discusses racial diversity and equality, the event's organizers will be promoting and embracing the ugliest chapter in American history.