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Last week, police in Richmond shot and killed an unarmed man who was charging at an officer. The incident has renewed calls for more transparency around policing.

Earlier this year, Richmond agreed to release monthly data on complaints against officers, as well as use of force by officers. But some community advocates are asking for more.

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Recent years have seen a growing sense of distrust between some members of the community and police. Now one Virginia congressman is trying to forge a new sense of cooperation.

BB or AirSoft Guns are popular holiday gifts for kids, but the CDC warns 30,000 people are injured each year by what some consider toys, and two police departments in Virginia are teaming up to prevent another problem – the risk that BB guns will be mistaken for deadly firearms. 

Breaking the Cycle of Police Violence

Aug 4, 2016

Graphic images of police violence are now seen on television and social media with greater frequency than ever before.  And even though crime statistics show the numbers of these incidents has not gone up, public outrage is raising new questions about how police handle these situations. There’s a small but growing movement to change the way police are trained to interact with people they encounter on the job.

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Being a police officer has always come with some risk, but now it comes with cameras watching almost every move. One case of lethal force, even when it’s legal and right, can touch off complaints and protests. It may cause someone planning a career in law enforcement to have second thoughts. That’s not the case, however, for some new Roanoke police officers.