Law and Crime

10:29 am
Thu September 25, 2014

Friends of Jesse Matthew Continue Their Support

Booking Photo of Jesse Leroy Matthew
Credit Galveston County Sheriff's Office

With the arrest of Jesse Mathew Jr., friends are coming to his defense -- calling him a "gentle giant."  People who went to school with him for years cannot believe he’s guilty of abduction with intent to defile.  More likely, they say, he left town because he was terrified.

The Graham case has riveted Charlottesville bloggers and Facebook fans.  They’ve offered theories and challenged official claims, cheered and criticized police.  Now, with Jesse Matthew Jr. accused of abduction with intent to defile, his friends are coming forward online.

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The Search for Hannah Graham
6:26 am
Thu September 25, 2014

Suspect Jesse Matthew Arrested in Texas

Credit KTRK/ABC 13

Charlottesville police and the FBI report an arrest in the case of that missing UVA student.  Jesse Matthew, wanted for abduction with intent to defile, was picked up in Texas.

The Bolivar Peninsula is a remote, 32-mile stretch of land bounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay.  It’s accessible by car from Beaumont, Texas, by ferry from Galveston, and T.J. Auld – a reporter for that city’s Daily News – says it’s a popular destination for fugitives.

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Traits & Charachteristics
3:56 pm
Wed September 24, 2014

Making Sense of the Psychopathic Mind

The disappearance of Hannah Graham reminds parents of the need to warn their kids about dangers in the world, but it’s not an easy job  -- especially as children grow into young adults.  Experts in the field of psychology say it might be a good idea to teach kids the “P” word. 

When members of the so-called Islamic state began beheading American and British journalists and aid workers, recording and posting the executions online, one mother pleaded publicly with them to spare her son.  That plea failed, perhaps because the killers are psychopaths or sociopaths.

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8:08 am
Wed September 24, 2014

Arrest Warrant Issued in Hannah Graham Case

Charlottesville police have issued an arrest warrant for Jesse Matthew, a man seen on security videos with UVA student Hannah Graham before she went missing. 

Police Chief Tim Longo had a short announcement Tuesday – new charges have been filed against 32-year-old Jesse Matthew.

“This afternoon we reached that point where the Commonwealth felt we had sufficient probable cause to seek an arrest warrant for Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr. of Charlottesville, charging him with a class two felony of abduction with the intent to defile.”

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5:12 pm
Tue September 23, 2014

Update on Forensic Evidence

With a suspect in the Hannah Graham case now in custody, police are still waiting for results from evidence sent to the state’s crime lab on Saturday.

Jeff Ban is Director of the Virginia Department of Forensic Science’s Central Lab in Richmond – a place that processes tens of thousands of samples each year, and he never knows how long any one analysis will take. 

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