Indian Tribes

Virginia Humanities

After more than 400 years, six Native American tribes have finally gotten federal recognition.

It opens doors for countless funding opportunities, but maybe most of all, it creates the possibility of writing a more accurate version of this country’s history.

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Six Virginia Native American tribes are cheering. After a twenty-year effort, the United States Senate unanimously approved legislation that recognizes the Commonwealth’s tribes. 


Earlier this month, Virginia hosted a Native American film festival called Pocahontas Reframed.  Sandy Hausman reports on the movies, the filmmakers and why organizers thought Richmond the perfect place for such an event.

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

Virginia Indian tribes have been seeking federal recognition for decades, and they are closer now than they have ever been. But a new score from the Congressional Budget Office might be a stumbling block for moving forward.