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Year after year, we discover new things about human behavior, the ways we learn, think and behave, but how accurate are those studies?  A team in Virginia set out to answer that question -to see if the study were done again, would findings be the same.  What they found has shaken the world of social science.

UVA to Craft Guidelines for Healthy Places

Aug 19, 2015

You’ve probably heard about the Green Building Council – a group that introduced LEED certification to reward and encourage environmentally friendly construction.  Now, the University of Virginia is teaming up with the council to create guidelines for designing healthy homes, buildings and communities. 

When Dr. Matthew Trowbridge first began his pediatric practice, he thought a lot about how to protect children from sickness and injury.

Information for Financial Caregivers

Aug 17, 2015
Jonathan Banks/

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released the first new state-specific guides for financial caregivers—to help educate people about the process of managing someone else’s money.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring says the guides provide caregivers with critical information on how to get started, how to prevent scams and financial exploitation, and how to fulfill their duties.

Advocates of stronger cancer prevention policies say Virginia is one of nearly half of the states that fall behind when it comes to legislative solutions to prevent and fight cancer.  As a result, in 2015 alone nearly 14,200 state residents will be diagnosed with some form of cancer, and more than 14,800 will actually die from it. 

Brian Donohue with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network says Virginia could enact evidence-based laws that are proven to save lives and reduce suffering.

Green Movement Seeks People of Color

Aug 13, 2015
Photo courtesy of the New Virginia Majority

Since it emerged in the early 70s, the environmental movement has appealed to wealthy and middle class people who see climate change as a social problem. But a group in Richmond is working to bring low-income minorities into the conversation.

Quan Williams is with the New Virginia Majority.  She says coal burning power plants are a huge problem for inner city blacks and Latinos.