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Reclassifying Marijuana

Sep 29, 2015
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It’s rare these days for Republicans and Democrats in Congress to agree on anything, so it may come as a surprise to learn there is bi-partisan support for a bill to reclassify marijuana.  

Morgan Griffith is one of the more conservative Republicans representing Virginia in Congress. But he’s pushing a bill to reclassify marijuana so the government and universities can study it. For Griffith the issue became personal when the daughter of a constituent suffered from Epilepsy until she moved to Colorado where Marijuana is legal.

It’s a sad fact that we produce enough food in this country to feed everyone in it, yet hunger remains a problem for many. 

Virginia Tech is joining the effort to change that.  It kicks off its “Campus Kitchens” program Wednesday, September 30th.  It’s a carefully orchestrated volunteer effort to save still-fresh food, left over from student dining halls, and get it to people who need it.  

Children subjected to repeated trauma are significantly more likely to have high levels of chronic disease. That’s according to research findings presented to the Joint Commission on Health Care, which also looked at the effects of trauma on the young brain. The findings could result in a paradigm shift toward early diagnosis and treatment.

“Adverse Childhood Experiences” include deprivation, abuse, feeling unloved, witnessing violence, and other traumas.  Dr. Allison Jackson said they disrupt neurological development-as seen in a photo of a neglected child’s brain.

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Richmond is known for its historic capital building, its stately cemeteries, a world class art museum and, now, a stellar ambulance service.  The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians voted to honor Richmond for innovation. 

“Paramedics.  What’s the address you need an ambulance to come to?  Okay, tell me exactly what happened.”

Each year, more than 60,000 people in Richmond require an ambulance.  That’s a big number for a city with fewer than 220,000 residents - but Danny Garrison, director of communications, says the rush hour brings a much bigger crowd.

For the most part, the public knows the positions of each side in the battle over Medicaid expansion in Virginia—but what about the stakeholder organizations that provide services? They say they're caught in the middle and would like to see some legislative movement before key services—and even hospitals themselves—become casualties in the battle over how to fund healthcare.