Gun Control

Gun Control Measures Killed in General Assembly

Jan 27, 2015

A series of gun control measures – fervently backed by Governor McAuliffe - has been defeated by a Republican-controlled Virginia Senate committee. 


The Senate Courts of Justice panel voted against bills aimed at beefing up Virginia's gun control laws. The proposals include limiting handgun purchases to one a month and closing the so-called "gun show loophole" that allows sales by private sellers without a criminal background check.

Lines were long at the state capitol Monday as supporters of gun rights passed through security on their way to lobby lawmakers against additional restrictions.  They wore stickers that read: Guns Save Lives.  Later, supporters of gun control would arrive to press for new laws restricting purchase and possession of weapons.  

Hundreds of people came to voice support or opposition to gun control laws.  Activist and blogger David Codrea told about 200 people – some openly carrying long-guns – that Governor Terry McAuliffe should not be trusted.                 

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Despite criticism from gun-rights advocates and GOP legislative leaders, Governor McAuliffe is not retreating on a package of gun-control measures that he has proposed for the upcoming General Assembly session. McAuliffe says this was one of his campaign promises, so no one should be surprised. 

Conservatives say the Governor is catering to the anti-gun agenda of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose Super PAC donated to his campaign.  But McAuliffe says this is about keeping people safe.

Virginia's Gun Laws

Jun 26, 2014

Virginia guns laws are despised by officials up and down the east coast who say the lose laws bleed guns onto their crime-ridden streets.

Hundreds of people, some of them armed, were in Richmond Tuesday - hoping to sway lawmakers toward voting for or against further regulation of guns.