Gun Control

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Democrats were hoping that their new numbers in the House of Delegates might mean some changes this year in Richmond. But as Michael Pope reports, they are not making any traction on gun control.

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The mass shooting in Las Vegas is reopening the twin issues of gun rights and gun control in Virginia, just as campaign season is in full swing. And, as Michael Pope reports, both sides of the issue are spending heavily on the issue.

Richmond Launches Social Media Push to Tackle Gun Violence

Sep 27, 2017

This year, more than 50 people have been shot to death in Richmond. While gun violence is still far lower than it was in the 90’s, the city has seen an uptick in recent years. Wednesday, Virginia’s Attorney General, along with Richmond’s mayor, unveiled a new public awareness campaign aimed at reducing violence.

State Accepting Comments on Concealed Carry Ban

Aug 31, 2016
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Last October, Virginia’s Governor used executive action to ban concealed-carry in state offices. There was an immediate backlash from many pro-gun advocates, and Wednesday in Richmond they got the chance to speak out.

State employees aren’t allowed to carry firearms into work, but the Governor’s order extended that prohibition to everyone else, including concealed carry permit holders.

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Democrats are hoping to make gun-control a central plank in this year’s elections, but Virginia Republicans say it’s a bad idea.