Federal Government

Averting a Shutdown
8:20 am
Thu December 12, 2013

Budget Deal: A Good Thing for Virginia?

Credit Alex Wong

The bipartisan budget deal reached in Congress is expected to bring a lot of relief to the commonwealth of Virginia, though Virginia lawmakers still say it isn’t perfect.

Fear of another government shutdown early next year is dissipating here at the Capitol. The agreement increases federal spending by about forty five billion dollars, sets spending levels for the next two years and offers federal agencies some relief from sequestration. Virginia Republican Congressman Randy Forbes says is giving the agreement muted praise.

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Government & Politics
11:25 am
Thu November 7, 2013

VA Lawmakers Weigh in on ACA Developments

Some Democrats are now asking the White House to delay the signup period on Healthcare dot Gov for uninsured individuals.

Virginia Democrats disagree…even as the website continues to suffer major glitches.

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Shutdown Costs
11:19 am
Mon October 21, 2013

Political Kick the Can?

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill just ended one battle that cost Virginia countless millions of dollars, but the deal merely kicks the can down the road. 

Democrats are claiming a victory after they brokered a deal to flip the government’s light on and extend the nation’s borrowing limit. Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner says the fallout of the shutdown and near default should send a message to the G-O-P. 

“Anybody who would be as reckless to try this scheme again I think needs to get their economic knowledge checked," said Warner.

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Debt Deal
7:54 am
Thu October 17, 2013

VA Lawmakers On Both Sides of the Debt Deal

Virginia lawmakers split their votes last evening on the deal to open the government and avoid a potential default.

Even in the face of a potential default, Republican Congressman Morgan Griffith says he just couldn’t support the compromise.

“I campaigned on not voting to raise the debt ceiling unless there were some significant changes in the law that would help the United States of America, and particularly the 9th District of Virginia.”

But Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner says the gridlock on display the last couple weeks will have a lasting impact.

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Virginia Republicans
8:19 am
Fri October 11, 2013

VA Republicans at Odds with Party Leaders

While House Republican leaders are working to avoid defaulting on U-S debt, they’re still not offering legislation to reopen the entire federal government. Some Virginia Republicans disagree with the tactics of their party leaders.

There’s still no end in sight to the impasse keeping the government closed. Some Virginia Republicans, like Scott Rigell, are breaking ranks with party leaders over the strategy to reopen just slivers of the government.

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