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VA's Congressional Delegation Looks to the Year Ahead

Jan 19, 2016
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Virginia lawmakers are laying down their legislative priorities for the new year, but Republicans doubt they can get much done with a Democrat in the White House.

President Obama is fresh off a quick campaign style jaunt across the nation where he tried to rally support for his agenda, which ranges from gun control to finding a cure for cancer. But Republicans, like Virginia Congressman Randy Forbes, say even where they agree with the president it's hard to find common ground. 

The Associated Press

Tonight, January 12th, President Obama will deliver his last State of the Union address at the US Capitol. Matt Laslo caught up with Virginia lawmakers about what they’re hoping to hear.

This year’s election was supposed to focus on the economy, but now with the growth of the Islamic State and growing fears from most Americans, foreign policy is the number one issue. Virginia Republican Congressman Rob Wittman says the president needs to rally the nation around a new war strategy.

VA Delegation on Gun Control

Jan 11, 2016

President Obama started the New Year off by refocusing Washington and the nation on gun control. Matt Laslo reports from Washington that he may have inadvertently broadened the gulf between him and Republicans who control Capitol Hill.

Congress Passes Omnibus Budget Bill

Dec 21, 2015

 Virginia lawmakers were divided on the legislation to fund the government. 

Only 113 House members voted against the bill to keep the government funded through next September. Six of those Republican no votes are from the commonwealth, which means more Virginian House members opposed it than supported it. For fiscal conservative Republican Congressman Dave Brat says the one point one trillion dollar price tag of the package was just too much.

“Just on the budget numbers alone I made commitments alone.” 

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Virginia Republicans are trying to derail the global climate change talks in Paris. Matt Laslo reports on the battle raging in Washington that will be felt across Virginia. 

The US Senate recently passed legislation by a slim majority to block the new carbon reduction rules coming from the Environmental Protection Agency.