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Though it's not yet official Democrat Mark Warner appears to have narrowly won re­election to the U­S Senate in a contest that was much closer than anticipated. Even in apparent victory, Warner's national brand may have been tarnished by his election night struggle against Republican Ed Gillespie. 

In the 6th Congressional District, Bob Goodlatte beat Libertarian Will Hammer and Independent Green candidate Elaine Hildebrandt to win a 12th term. The Democrats did not field a candidate in this race.

In the 9th Congressional District, in southwest Virginia, Republican Morgan Griffith bested Independent William Carr to win a third term and the Democrats did not field a candidate in this race either.

Morgan Griffith had good reason to look relaxed as he met voters in Radford a few hours before the polls closed.


Election night was a nail-biter for incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Warner, who had been expected to coast to victory. His badly outspent Republican challenger, Ed Gillespie, defied ALL of the polls leading up to election day—and took the lead throughout the evening until Fairfax County’s vote totals were finally reported. The wave that swept Republicans into the majority in the U.S. Senate nearly engulfed Virginia.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner is claiming victory in his reelection contest, while his Republican challenger Ed Gillespie isn’t conceding.

While Republican challenger Ed Gillespie painted Warner as a rubber stamp for President Obama, Warner is promising voters he’s going to continue working across the aisle, like on the Gang of Six he joined to try to reach a bipartisan budget agreement to avoid sequestration. His campaign promises may now be tested when the new Republican controlled Senate convenes in January. Warner says he’s ready for the task. 

Two Localities Report Problems at the Polls

Nov 4, 2014

Virginia’s Department of Elections reports polling problems earlier today in both Virginia Beach and Newport News. Certain precincts had technical difficulties with their Touch Screen Voting Machines.

Some voters say different selections appeared after they made their choice. Election officials say the issues appear to be related to touch screen calibration.

Both localities though say they do have enough working voting machines for voting to continue until the polls close.