A look at education issues around Virginia.

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As lawmakers return to Richmond this year, many of them will be focused on reforming Virginia’s system of standardized testing.

Michael Pope

Governor-elect Ralph Northam is filling out key Cabinet posts in the run-up to his inauguration next month, and this week he’s outlining his new education team.

Edmèe Rodriguez-Hasler

It seems like every day we hear about a new technology that we’re told will change our lives.  But with the push toward the latest and greatest new gizmo, is something important being overlooked?   A recent symposium at Virginia Tech explored the question of what it means to be human in an increasingly technological world.  

University Montessori

Educators worry about the fact that low income children as a group don’t do as well in school as those who come from wealthier families. Special pre-school programs can help, but they’re expensive. Now, a psychologist from the University of Virginia has evidence that another approach could address this problem at no additional cost.

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Voters will face some stark choices when they vote for governor next month. The two major party candidates are on opposite ends of numerous issues from environmental issues to health care.