A look at education issues around Virginia.

This week Roanoke City joined a growing list of localities dropping Confederate-related names from public schools. A common argument against name changes has been cost. But localities are still finding a way to pay.

Teachers are sometimes faced with some pretty thorny issues when current events make their way into their classrooms.

Often they get limited guidance from administrators or school boards on what to say and do, but an earlier generation of teachers is stepping up with advice.

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By 1928, a third of black school children in the rural south were taught in Rosenwald Schools. Those were small two-room schools built to educate African-Americans. There were more than 300 in Virginia alone.

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Governor Ralph Northam will continue a tradition begun under former Governor Terry McAuliffe: hosting a children’s cabinet. The cabinet will be chaired by First Lady Pam Northam.

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In Virginia, some students are suspended for months, or even an entire school year. A new law that takes effect July 1st, seeks to change that.