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Inside the Wild West of Debt Settlement Companies

Jul 8, 2016
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For people down on their luck and behind on their bills, there seems to be no end of businesses looking to turn a buck. That often means people are scammed out of money — just when they need help the most. Critics say state leaders in Virginia are doing nothing to solve the problem.

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Virginia may be one of the oldest states. And its history may stretch back into the past more than other states. But new numbers from the federal government are revealing a surprising twist about Virginia. 


It’s been more than a century since horseless carriages started revolutionizing transportation across America. Now driverless cars are about to reshape the American landscape, and a new report from George Mason University says Virginia is poised to become a leader in the industry.  

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A new report shows that while Virginia is making improvements for its children in education and health, other areas such as economic well-being continue to falter.

Loudoun, Chesterfield Counties Lead in Job Growth

Jun 15, 2016
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New numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show two Virginia jurisdictions leading the nation during the early part of this year.