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Trials are about to get under way for the first ever blood test that could confirm whether a person has had a concussion. Scientists at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute and the University of Virginia, are teaming up with a Virginia-based biotechnology company known as the Virginia Catalyst, to test it.

Concussion Rate Highest in Girls' Soccer

Sep 26, 2017
Winston-Salem Forsythe County School

The potential for traumatic brain injury in professional football players is again raising public concern. But another, less followed sport is seeing a troubling increase in the rate of concussions among its players.  

Concussion Discussion: Measuring Sports’ Impacts

Jun 30, 2016

This past spring, the NFL acknowledged for the first time, that there’s a connection between players’ head injuries and chronic brain disease.  What’s followed is broader public acceptance of what many scientists already knew. Last year, researchers at Virginia Tech began the largest and longest study of football related head injury impact on the youngest players.  Robbie Harris checked in on the results so far and she has this report.