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The federal government is about to move forward with a new rule designed to protect consumers from predatory lending. But critics say the rule doesn’t go far enough. 

Local Governments Leading Airbnb Regulation Efforts

Aug 2, 2016
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As state leaders argue over how to craft regulations overseeing Airbnb, local governments are moving forward with their own rules. 

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A class-action federal lawsuit against a payday lender may break new legal ground next month. That’s when a Virginia judge could deliver a ruling that will absolve hundreds of people from loans worth about a half a million dollars. 

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Kroger is the latest supermarket chain to adopt an online grocery ordering system. 

Airbnb Stirs Debate Amongst Virginia Lawmakers

Jul 12, 2016
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The new gig economy is already disrupting businesses across Virginia, although the future of how they will be regulated is still an open question. That’s why state leaders from across the commonwealth will convene in Richmond later this week to hammer out the details about the future of short-term property rentals through Airbnb.