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Oyster Sanctuaries: Harvest to Research?

Nov 19, 2015

Oyster sanctuaries in Virginia's waters are key to scientists understanding disease, pollution and other factors that affect the population. But watermen believe to keep sanctuaries healthy, they should be harvested.

For years scientists have been using oyster sanctuaries to build back the wild oyster population in Virginia. Ryan Carnegie, a scientist at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, says there's a huge value in sanctuaries, including larger oysters that are beginning to outlive disease.

Virginia Women's Conference This Weekend

Nov 16, 2015

Hundreds of women will be networking in downtown Roanoke this weekend at the Virginia Women’s Conference, hosted by Senator Mark Warner.

The annual event takes place in rotating regions of the state, with a day of sessions on careers, health, personal development and business. At this year’s conference, one of the sessions was inspired by a documentary called “The Big Flip—Stories from the Modern Home Front.”  The film explores the challenges of marriage and parenting, when the woman is the primary breadwinner.  

Stock Photo, Creative Commons

Businesses owned by women in Virginia are actually growing faster than other businesses in the state. That’s according to a new survey released this week.

This is the first survey of its kind for the state. Conducted by Richmond’s chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, it’s meant to give the organization more information so they can better support female entrepreneurs.

Why Virginia Loses Jobs

Oct 20, 2015

Governor Terry McAuliffe predicts Virginia will have 1.5 million job openings in the next decade -- fueled by the retirement of 900,000 baby boomers.  He hopes to see 600,000 new positions but says it isn't always easy to attract new business to the Commonwealth.  Sandy Hausman has that story.

Governor Terry McAuliffe wants to be known as the man who generates jobs, but he admits Virginia is not always an easy sell.  He recently asked the CEO of Canon to build its global research and development center here and was told …

Hiding from the Taxman?

Oct 16, 2015

Revenues for the state’s general fund are up nearly ten percent from last year, according to the governor’s office.  Terry McAuliffe cites an improving economy, but critics say Virginia would be doing far better if corporations paid their fair share of taxes.