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The River & Rail's Aaron Deal
2:38 pm
Mon June 2, 2014

Roanoke Chef Wins Big Bucks on Gameshow

A Roanoke chef recently won big on a foodie television game-show. River and Rail Chef Aaron Deal won $20,000 after making pizza with a peanut butter reduction and a gourmet franks-and-beans platter. And he’s hoping his win will draw attention to the region.

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Arts & Culture
5:14 pm
Tue May 27, 2014

New Law Allows People and Pets to Be Buried Side by Side

by Beverly Amsler

Walk around any cemetery and you’ll find tombstones bearing the same last name. . . family members buried next to each other.  A new Virginia law will now make it possible for people to be buried beside their pets. 

“There’s Peanut and Bootsie and Choppie, Niles, Sassy Mae, Mr. Bojangles, Gypsy, and Princess.”

“People are devoted to their pet, love their pets.  As you can see, we’ve got flowers and memorials, and a couple Easter decorations.”

Don Green is the President of Evergreen Memorial Trust and we’re standing in a corner of MountainView Cemetery in Vinton. 

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Storytelling Competition
10:14 am
Fri May 23, 2014

Big Blue Door

Broocks Willich
Big Blue Door

Story-telling is an ancient art, but it’s getting a modern makeover in Charlottesville where two refugees from the theater world in New York are offering classes and promoting regular story-telling competitions.

It’s a Thursday night in Charlottesville – a school night – but the Wooly Mammoth bar is packed with people anxious to hear stories, like the one told by actress Broocks Willich.  She and a friend had gone to Mexico to buy tile and were  stopped by three policemen who searched the friend, found marijuana, demanded and got a $400 bribe.

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A Different Kind of Church
6:50 am
Thu May 22, 2014

Beers & Hymns: A New Approach to the Sunday Ritual

As churches struggle to keep young Americans in the fold, some are moving their services to surprising places. In Charlottesville, more than three dozen of the faithful assemble at a bar each month to drink beer and sing hymns. 

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Virginia Cooperative Extension Program
3:53 pm
Wed May 21, 2014

Masters of Food

Credit Virginia Cooperative Extension

Increasing interest in locally grown food is spurring a revival of ancient methods of preserving that food.  With all the effort that goes into growing it, the next step is finding ways to store it for future consumption.


For decades, few people thought about where their food came from, beyond the grocery store shelf. But that’s changed in recent years and many people are interested in knowing more about the food they eat.  Melissa Chase is the state coordinator for the Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Master Food Volunteer program.

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