Art and Museums

Courtesy of VCU ICA

The corner of Broad and Belvidere is one of Richmond’s busiest intersections, and it’s about to get a bit busier. The intersection is now home to Richmond’s newest, and long anticipated, art museum.

Institute of Contemporary Art Sets Opening Date in April

Oct 18, 2017
Courtesy of VCU



Virginia Commonwealth University announced Tuesday that Virginia's newest art museum, the Institute for Contemporary Art in Richmond, will open this Spring. The museum has also reached its $37 million fundraising goal.

David Sleboda and Thomas Roberts/ American Physiological Association

Most people would agree, there’s nothing beautiful about cancer or AIDS or any other disease, but scientists working to find cures see beauty in the pictures they take to better understand what they’re up against.  Now, Sandy Hausman reports there’s an exhibit of those images, providing a chance for the public to see how exciting biology can be. 

From Artspace in Richmond to Center in the Square in Roanoke, Virginia's Art Centers are vibrant destinations and local resources. The Bower Center for the Arts in Bedford is one of those. The non-profit art center just completed a major renovation.  

  Bower Center for the Arts, Bedford, VA

Football Hall of Fame Visits Richmond

Jun 24, 2016
Meg M. Eastman / Virginia Historical Society

Looking for something to do with a young football fan this summer? The Virginia Historical Society in Richmond may not be known for its young audience, but a new special exhibition this summer could change that. 

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Canton Ohio, the birthplace of the NFL. But Virginians won’t have to travel to Ohio this summer to see a Super Bowl trophy, Peyton Manning’s jersey, or more than 200 other football artifacts.

Instead, they’ll be right here in Richmond, says Greg Hansard, curator with the Virginia Historical Society.