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It's no secret that getting hired for a new job is hard. Sometimes you might be overqualified. Sometimes you might have just the right qualifications and then your potential employer will ask for your credit report, and you know it won't be the best news. 

Every month, Alison Green from Ask a Manager helps us make sense of the ups and downs of work life. 

Gucci Mane has been hustling for a long time. The rapper started his career in Atlanta, where he spent most of his childhood. In the 12 years since he released his first album, "Trap House," he's brought himself and trap music into the mainstream, collaborating with countless artists. Now, he's the author of a new book, "The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, out this week. He joined Marketplace Weekend to take the Marketplace Quiz.

In Washington, it's another day of drama as Republicans race against the clock to repeal Obamacare. Senator John McCain said today he could not, in good conscience, vote for the latest version of the Obamacare repeal. That means if one more Senate Republican becomes a hard no, the bill is basically dead. In a statement, McCain said might have considered supporting the legislation brought up by his friends in the Senate if the bill had gone through normal Senate procedures.

More bad news for Uber. This time from London.

9 hours ago

Uber has a new fire to put out. The city of London said today that when Uber's license to operate expires at the end of the month, it's bye bye Uber. There won't be a renewal. The company has been trying to recover from a long list of woes, which include — but are not limited to — allegations of sexual harassment, a tech bro culture, inadequate screening of drivers and, recently, that Uber knowingly leased defective cars to drivers in Singapore. The company replaced its CEO last month, but still, the hits keep coming.

Former Sen. Bill Bradley talks tax reform

9 hours ago

In Washington there's an effort underway to pass some kind of tax reform. What that means is still uncertain ... the last time the tax code was overhauled was 1986.

Former Sen. Bill Bradley, a Democrat from New Jersey, was one of the main authors of the 1986 bill. He joined Marketplace Weekend to talk about tax reform in '86 and what it might look like today. 

Lizzie O'Leary: Can you think of principles that would be popular across Capitol Hill right now?