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Elly Yu

Scott Malone unlocks a gate at the front of a dirt path in LaGrange, Georgia, about an hour southwest of Atlanta. Malone is the president of the Development Authority of LaGrange, and standing at the top of a hill on a site where the land has been cleared, he looks out at what will become a factory for Chinese tire company Sentury Tire.

“Everything you see out there will be plant,” Malone said. “So it’s a huge, huge site, no question.”

Coal miners from two generations betting on Trump

9 hours ago
Marketplace staff

In the Appalachian region of West Virginia, people are holding on to President Donald Trump’s promise to bring back coal mining jobs. For the last year, our collaborative series with "Frontline" and "PBS NewsHour" called “How the Deck is Stacked” has examined the issues that Americans in different parts of the country find most important to them.

Uber has hired a former U.S. attorney general to investigate allegations of sexual harassment within the company. We'll look at how other companies have handled similar cases. Next, we'll compare the market values of the top U.S. banks with their European rivals, and then look at Seattle's efforts to reform campaign finance. 

EPA bracing for big cuts under Trump administration

12 hours ago
Adam Allington

The Environmental Protection Agency's new head, Scott Pruitt, is already signalling his intent to start undoing climate change regulations introduced under the Obama adminstration.

Bobby Allyn

Alex Capano is a nurse practitioner in Philadelphia. Not too long ago, she was filling out a job application and was asked about her current salary. She answered reluctantly.

“Do they check up on this?" she wondered. "How honest do I have to be? Am I setting myself up for a low-ball offer?"

She got that job offer, but the salary seemed low, so she turned it down.