Virginia College and University Presidents Among Highest Paid

May 20, 2014

There were a few surprises in this year’s survey of college presidents’ pay.  The Chronicle of Higher Education surveyed more than 250 schools and found Virginia executives faring well.  

VCU President Michael Rao
Credit Richmond Times-Dispatch

Eight presidents of public universities got more than a million dollars in total compensation – none of them here in Virginia, but several of our top college officials exceeded the median, about $447,000.  Among them the presidents of Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth, ODU and UVA.  William and Mary’s chief executive came close at $420,000.  Few of the top jobs on campus belonged to women, but reporter Jonah Newman says overall they’re paid well.

“Fewer than one in five of the public college presidents were women, so less than 20%, but what was a little bit surprising was that women, on average, made slightly more than men did.”

Eight percent more to be exact.  The survey also looked at other highly paid executives on campus. 

“So at the University of Virginia the highest paid employee in 2012-13 was the football coach – just over two million dollars.”

Of public college employees who make more than a million dollars, 70% are coaches, 20% doctors or hospital administrators and just ten percent are university presidents.