V-DOT Construction Means Traffic Headaches for Virginia Motorists

Oct 3, 2013

When the Virginia General Assembly approved new transportation funding this year, it also allocated 2-and-a-half billion dollars more than VDOT's previous six-year transportation improvement plan. That is allowing the agency to focus aggressively on some badly needed construction projects statewide to relieve congestion, make repairs, and build new lanes. But it will also mean some headaches for motorists traveling on some of the busiest stretches of Virginia.

VDOT spokesperson Tamara Rollison says crews are re-paving throughout the state, especially the major arteries. In Northern Virginia they’re building new express lanes on I-95:

"That is a 29-mile stretch from the D.C. line to Stafford County."

There's a lot of activity on the I-81 corridor as well:

"We're doing a project in the Salem area in which we're rebuilding an interchange on Elm Street and 581."

In the Hampton Roads region most of the construction underway is along I-64:

"There's also construction going on to rebuild the Midtown tunnel. This also includes the rehabilitation of the existing Midtown tunnel too and the downtown tunnels as well. In fact, a lot of work is going on the I-264 West Downtown tunnel."

Eleven bridges are being rebuilt in the Richmond area. Rollison says expect MAJOR delays with all these projects. She adds that crews will avoid doing work doing the busiest rush-hour periods. More projects are coming ...and she advises motorists to check the 511 website for more information.