Online Health Survey

Aug 27, 2013

Your responses—or lack of participation—in a new round of surveys by the Virginia Department of Health could very well impact what kind of services are available in your area.

While VDH still conducts surveys by telephone, the Commonwealth will begin gauging health needs via the Web through a new pilot program. 

More than 2.8 million Virginia adults currently live with a chronic disease. The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey is the primary state-specific source to gather vital health information and monitor critical indicators. The goal is to establish community-based programs to help increase years of healthy life. And as state officials assess what changes, programs, and funding are needed, they'll use the data from the surveys, which are typically collected by phone.  But Danielle Henderson with VDH says the new Web-based survey helps broaden the sampling and makes it more convenient to respond.

Beginning this month, Virginians who do not respond to the phone survey will be sent a post card asking that they go online to complete it there. Seven other states are participating in this pilot.