Mr. Bill's Vegan Wine Guide

Mar 26, 2013

Our guest on Veggie Chef this week was Bill Philips, owner of Mr. Bill's Wine Cellar in Roanoke.

Bill has nearly 40 years of experience in the wine business including teaching wine education classes at area universities. During today's segment, Bill explained why all wine may not be vegan or vegetarian-friendly. However, he did offer some great recommendations (that are also affordable) for vegetarian-friendly wines including:

Bonterra Riesling 8.99
Santa Julia Viognier 8.99
Honoro Garnacha 9.99

McManis label reds and whites 10.99*

According to Philips, there are many additional wines available that fall into the vegan-friendly category. He will  be happy to recommend others. There is also a helpful website that allows one to check a variety of adult beverages for animal products. That website is