Immigration Reform Rally Calls on Rep. Cantor

Sep 5, 2013

Virginia Organizing Members Meet with Congressman Eric Cantor's legislative director to talk about immigration.
Credit Virginia Organizing

U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is being heavily lobbied by two sets of constituents who are at opposite ends of a polarizing debate.

One wants him to push for a vote next month on comprehensive immigration reform, while the other wants him to be steadfast, refuse to capitulate, and push to reinforce U.S. borders.

Virginia Organizing representatives met with a legislative aide. Although Cantor was not present, coalition member Marco Grimaldo was pleased with the meeting. He says the goal is to convince the Congressman that he has constituents—especially young children who were born here—who could greatly benefit from a comprehensive reform bill.
Grimaldo says he was disappointed after being told that the House won’t vote on the comprehensive Senate bill, but will instead vote on its own more limited plan.

Not far away, Richmond Tea Party members also spoke out.  William Evans says laws are already on the books, and Cantor should NOT back the Senate approach.

Richmond Tea Party Street Demonstration
Credit Richmond Tea Party

Evans believes Congress should focus on securing the borders and require undocumented immigrants to become citizens through traditional means or leave the U.S.