Governor McDonnell's Plans for His Final Days in Office

Oct 14, 2013

His term as Virginia’s chief executive is in its final stretch, but Governor McDonnell has rolled out a full plate of initiatives and budget actions he’ll propose before he leaves office.  He’ll announce more details on each soon.  The Governor’s so-called “Sprint to the Finish” is a blueprint for his final 100 days in office.

McDonnell plans to step up efforts to restore felons’ rights.

“They either become a law-abiding citizen, or they go back to committing crime, which means more social costs and more victims.  And so, I want them to be good citizens, and one thing that really helps them and restores their sense of community reintegration is having back your civil rights.”

Also on the agenda are an initiative to fight human trafficking and achieving the goal of finding adoptive homes for long-time foster children.

“We’re very excited—we’re at 800 adoptions out of a thousand.  The campaign has been extraordinary. Around the state, loving parents have come forward.”The Governor says implementing recent K-12 school reforms is his top priority.  And he is working on a new funding formula to incentivize the goal of awarding college degrees to more Virginia students.  And then there’s job creation.

“We’ve got a number of projects in the pipeline.  I’d like to close as many of those deals as I can before I leave, and then cement in the budget the numerous economic development programs and incentives—from foreign trade offices to targeted tax credits in technology to things that promote cyber security and nanotech.”

Although he leaves in mid-January, he can ask lawmakers to carry the bills.