Governor & Governor-Elect Do Lunch

Nov 7, 2013

As contentious as the Virginia gubernatorial race was, the current governor and governor- elect seem to be getting along quite well. 

But both Governor McDonnell and Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe said during a Thursday briefing that although they do have some differences, they've agreed that those differences don't matter much right now. 

They said the goal is to bring Virginians—especially the legislature—together.

An integral part of this transition will be Finance Secretary Ric Brown. While McDonnell has backed away from Medicaid expansion and McAuliffe has said it's a key part of building the economy, Brown's briefings with McAuliffe will aid him in crafting a budget. But both McDonnell and McAuliffe agree that nothing can be accomplished without the Republican majority in the House.  McDonnell notes that the governor-elect has said he's reaching out to all sides. 

McAuliffe also pledges to appoint members of both major parties to his cabinet.  Although he has spent his political career as a Washington insider, he says that's not what he wants for Virginia.