Exploring Charter Schools

Jun 10, 2013

Not all minds learn the same way.  However, when it comes to education, millions of children across the U.S. are swept into the same system of state and federal mandates—with expectations of positive academic results and developing a sense of individuality.

Gwen Lewis is a former public school educator whose grandson attends Patrick Henry. She says he loves science, but she didn't want him to leave public school—so this one, which focuses on Arts and Science, was the only one with a specific curriculum. She says unlike regular public schools which teach to a test, he's learning early how to apply critical thinking to what interests him.

 Lewis and members of other families held a roundtable discussion with Congressman Eric Cantor. He's been touring the country advocating for school choice. While this is a public school, he says he wants families to have more resources to send their kids to private, charter, or public schools—with fewer road blocks.