End of An Era: Mutual Drug Closing

Aug 6, 2013

It’s the end of the line for the last privately owned drug store –slash- cafeteria in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. “Mutual Pharmacy” was immortalized in the novel, “Home to Big Stone Gap” as the beating heart of a fictional mountain community in southwestern Virginia.

People are flocking in to say their goodbyes on the last day before Mutual Pharmacy and Cafeteria closes its doors for good after 60 years in downtown Big Stone Gap.  The CVS drug store chain bought the business but not this building, which for now, will add to the growing number of vacant shops here.

The last meal has been served in the now quiet cafeteria in back that had been open on this corner for as long as people can remember, back to when the basement level housed a toy department and had a little something for everyone.

In part two of her report, Robbie Harris will tell us more about the outdoor theater production that has helped keep the arts alive for the last fifty years in Big Stone Gap Virginia.