The Cross Examination of Bob McDonnell Ends

Aug 26, 2014

Federal prosecutors leave the Courthouse
Credit photo by Tommie McNeil

Former Governor Bob McDonnell exhibited a bit of frustration today while still on the stand testifying during his federal corruption trial. Some onlookers believe it could be the sign that prosecutors had been looking for—that he may crack under pressure.  But McDonnell also continued to hold his ground. 

Prosecutor Michael Dry grilled McDonnell on the details of a loan he secured from former Star Scientific CEO Johnnie Williams. There were tense exchanges—with McDonnell raising his voice but NOT yelling. McDonnell seemed irritated that the prosecutor implied that he secured the loan in exchange for getting Williams in touch with UVa and Virginia Tech researchers. McDonnell stood firm that there was no connection.  He also stressed that the loan was to his family business—and NOT to himself.  Dry pointed out that just days after receiving the check, McDonnell pulled out a bottle of Anatabloc, Williams' supplement, during a meeting with staffers. He said he MAY have asked them to meet with Star Scientific representatives, but couldn't recall for sure. Later, McDonnell was grilled about how he kept his personal business dealings with Williams hidden from staffers and his motives for keeping them concealed. McDonnell said he did not share personal financial information with his staff nor with the 110,000 state employees.