Confederate Flag to Fly over Richmond Interstate

Aug 21, 2013

A Confederate history organization says it still has plans to erect its battle flag along I-95 next month despite criticism from plenty of Virginians, including the state NAACP. 

But a spokesman for "Virginia Flaggers" says the group is not doing anything wrong.

Members insist that all they're doing is promoting a piece of their heritage that’s been gradually etched out of American history.

The flag’s intended location is South of downtown Richmond, but spokesman Barry Isenhour says they won't disclose where right now.  He hints that this flag will fly in a place that’s symbolic for Confederate soldiers and descendants.

One organization,, is floating a petition to stop Virginia Flaggers. They say the battle flag represents slavery and the Commonwealth’s dark past.

Virginia Flaggers says it represents soldiers who died for an honorable cause.