The Art of Hair

Oct 15, 2015

An unusual show has opened at the Bridge Gallery in Charlottesville.  It’s called The Art of Hair, and it features  pictures by Keith Alan Sprouse, who photographed the work of ten neighborhood stylists.

“Within say a few hundred steps, I was able to photograph a barbershop, a high-end salon and then a woman who cuts hair in her kitchen in friendship court" he explains.  "You can see quite a range of styles – everything from kind of almost punk looking hair to something a lot more traditional.

He’s convinced that hair is art.

“It takes a great deal of experience and technique in order to get some of these haircuts as you can imagine.  There’s clearly artistry involved, but it’s also about expression.”

Program Director Serena Gruia adds that several activities are planned to coincide with the exhibit, including a showing of comedian Chris Rock’s film Good Hair and a workshop for women, led by volunteer Nika Sobers.

“Nika will share some of her recipes for mud wraps for both the face and the hair.  On November 14, we’re having a hair runway exhibition which we’re going to open up to all the stylists in Charlottesville, and we’re going to invite all the audience to bring their creativity as well.”

The show runs through November.