Fred Echols

WVTF/RADIO IQ News Host, Producer and Reporter

Fred Echols is a long time member of the WVTF/RADIO IQ news department and produces news content as well as public affairs programs. Fred's career in broadcasting began in North Carolina's Triad before switching from commercial radio where he'd held numerous positions including program director to hosting public radio programming at WVTF.


Virginia Public Access Project

It's about to get a lot easier for some Virginians to see where their tax dollars are going, and the appearance of a Department of Housing and Urban Development sign caused considerable alarm among homeowners in a Richmond suburb.

Virginia Public Access Project

Scientists have found a more precise way to predict when and where flooding will happen on Virginia's Atlantic coast, and a planned art exhibit in Norfolk caused some controversy in the workplace.

An elementary school principal in Rockbridge County has apologized for a survey given to students without parental permission, and local governments in Virginia are still trying to find ways to shut down internet gaming parlors.

Stafford County supervisors were left puzzled when apparent opposition to a plan for a new veterans' medical clinic seemed to evaporate overnight. And Amherst County Republicans were barred their usual meeting place in the basement of the Sheriff's office over a controversial speaker.

  Some recent artwork by students in Craig County is literally hitting the road this winter and some parents in Fairfax County found an elementary school history lesson to be a little too realistic.