Norman Brenbridge

Join NPR, WVTF, RADIO IQ and New City Arts for new paintings by Norman Brenbridge. His new exhibit “North African Light” will be on display at the WVTF and RADIO IQ Studio Gallery during the month of July.

“North African Light” was most influenced by viewing a painting by Corot of Tober Island, a work of the 1820’s, with almost Cubist sensibilities of opening up three dimensional volumes on a two dimensional canvas.

Although the Neoclassicists of the 19th century preferred the architecture of France and Italy, especially their ancient ruins, Brenbridge wandered further afield, into the realms of North Africa, with its more varied forms and intense lights, to synthesize atmosphere and space.

The WVTF and RADIO IQ Studio Gallery is located at 216 West Water Street, Charlottesville.