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Francoise Mouly's entire life has been about images and how people respond to them and on this one-year anniversary of the murders at the office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, The New Yorker art editor is still incredulous that it happened.

"I'm trying to recapture the visceral reactions that I think I felt and everybody felt at the idea of cartoonists being murdered for having a drawn a picture."

Virginia Woman Finds Quick Fix for Shrunken Clothes

Jan 7, 2016

At this time of year, many people are sporting sweaters or other garments made from wool.  Sometimes those things find their way into the wash and come out a few sizes too small, but a Virginia woman has launched a business selling something that un-shrinks them.  Sandy Hausman has that story.

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Organizers of a prestigious international award for comic book art are backtracking after publishing a list of 30 nominees — zero percent of whom were women. The ensuing uproar, in which 12 male nominees asked to withdraw their names, quickly got the attention of the French body that organizes the award.

China’s stock markets are plummeting, but that’s only part of the story

Jan 7, 2016
China Daily/Reuters 

It’s only one week into 2016 and twice now, massive sell-offs of Chinese stocks have triggered a new circuit breaker meant to prevent a market free fall there. This has sent shock waves to markets beyond China’s borders. 

So, is it 2008 all over again? 

“It is not,” says Bill Bishop, author of the influential Sinocism China Newsletter. “Even if it were, it wouldn’t be caused by the Chinese stock market.” 

Wolfgang Rattay

Police in the German city of Cologne have admitted they "could not cope" with the sheer number of coordinated sexual assaults and robberies taking place on New Year’s Eve, according to an internal police report.

The report has come after a week of shock and outrage in Germany over the scale of the attacks, which also took place on a smaller scale in other cities. More than120 women reported being attacked or sexually assaulted in Cologne, including instances of rape.

Korean Central News Agency

The North Korean government’s claim that it has tested a hydrogen bomb, while greeted with skepticism by experts abroad, has provoked the ire of Chinese leaders, and appears to be the latest round in a long game of brinksmanship. 

“China strongly opposes this act,” said Hua Chunying, a Chinese Ministry of Affairs spokeswoman. “China will firmly push for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."

It’s unclear, though, how China will push, at this point, and what effective leverage it has that it hasn’t already tried to use.

Muthoni the Drummer Queen rules Kenya's music scene

Jan 7, 2016

When Muthoni Ndonga first got into music, it wasn’t to become “the Drummer Queen,” as she’s now known, or “one of the most successful event organizers in Kenya,” or even “boss lady.”

Nearly every Virginia County has a genealogy, historic, or heritage society. They vary from single rooms with books and records to vast digitized. In Bedford, between Lynchburg and Roanoke, the genealogical library shares space with the museum. Jennifer Thompson is the librarian there. She spoke with Tab O'Neal about finding our roots beneath the sod of history.

Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library

List of Genealogy and History Societies in Virginia

Google Trends

Search interest for the words Shiite (or Shia) and Sunni on Google saw a huge surge since last week after Saudi Arabia's decision to break off relations with Iran.

The move was later followed by Bahrain, Sudan and Kuwait. It all started when Saudi Arabia, which is predominantly Sunni, one of the two major sects in Islam, executed a prominent cleric from the other, Shiite, sect. Furious Shiite protesters in Iran then ransacked and set fire to the Saudi embassy in Tehran, prompting the Saudis to retaliate by cutting off diplomatic relations with Iran.

North Korea's claim it tested a hydrogen nuclear device got experts rushing to examine seismic records and satellite recordings. But hold on, Nellie! History shows Pyongyang has a history of whoppers. Or Whoppers, if you include the claim its onetime leader invented the hamburger. Here's a half-dozen reasons you should take its latest claim with a pound of salt, as Washington is apparently doing.