Virginia Festival of the Book
2:12 pm
Fri March 15, 2013

Man Saves Mountain

Jay Leutze got his law degree from the University of North Carolina, but he decided not to practice law. 

Instead, he moved to his family’s cabin on Yellow Mountain in the Roan Highlands – an area famous in geological circles for its rare grassy balds.

“Grassy balds are openings that are not above the tree line, but were not created by man, so they’re open pastures,” he explains. “We believe that they were kept open by wooly mammoths, then bison and elk, and then when European settlers came in, they were kept open by grazing cattle.”

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VA Correctional Enterprises
1:51 pm
Fri March 15, 2013

Va Prisons Make Plates and Model Workers

VCE Furniture Sample

It’s one of the state’s largest companies, with $50 million in sales each year.  It pays workers less than a dollar an hour, but for every job that opens, ten people apply.  You may never have heard of it, but chances are you own one of its products. 

Virginia Correctional Enterprises makes  license plates for state residents and the State Department in DC.  It also molds model workers like 52-year-old Alexander Parker.

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Ron Elving is the NPR News' Senior Washington Editor directing coverage of the nation's capital and national politics and providing on-air political analysis for many NPR programs.

Elving can regularly be heard on Talk of the Nation providing analysis of the latest in politics. He is also heard on the "It's All Politics" weekly podcast along with NPR's Ken Rudin.

Scrapbooking Spells Writer's Success
1:19 pm
Fri March 15, 2013

Hobby Solves Waynesboro Woman's Mysteries

Producing a book in the 21st century is no easy job, unless you decide to publish yourself, but a Waynesboro woman’s hobby has propelled her into the perfect publishing niche. When Mollie Bryan was home, taking care of young children, she discovered scrap booking:

“It’s one of the most popular hobbies in the world,” Bryan says, “but the thing that appealed to me was the puzzle-like quality to scrapbooking and the way that people get together to do it.”

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Julian Marshall is a presenter on the BBC's popular Newshour program heard daily on RADIO IQ and RADIO IQ With BBC News. Julian joined the BBC in 1975 and has been at Newshour since 1990.

Matthew Bannister is host of the BBC's Outlook a daily human interest and current affairs program heard on our RADIO IQ service. Matthew has been with the BBC since 1978 holding a variety of positions before joining Outlook as presenter.

James Coomarasamy is a presenter on the BBC's Newshour program heard on our RADIO IQ and RADIO IQ With BBC Service service. Prior to hosting Newshour, James was a BBC correspondent based in Washington. He's also reported from Moscow, Paris, and Warsaw. James attended the University of Cambridge.

Government & Politics
9:57 am
Fri March 15, 2013

Cuccinelli at the Conservative Political Action Conference

Credit Steve Helber / AP via NPR

Conservatives from across the U-S are at the convention center at National Harbor for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli kicked off the event.

Amongst the like-minded crowd, the Attorney General wears his battle scars from the Obama Administration with pride. Besides unsuccessfully challenging the healthcare law, he also took on the E-P-A& winning a suit blocking the agency from regulating storm water runoff in Fairfax County.

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Oliver Wang is a music writer, scholar, and DJ based in California. Since 1994, he's written on popular music, culture, race, and America for outlets such as NPR, Vibe, Wax Poetics, Scratch, The Village Voice, SF Bay Guardian, and LA Weekly.

Wang begins work as an assistant professor in sociology at Long Beach State this fall; He also hosts the renowned audioblog For more information, visit

Business & Industry
4:27 pm
Thu March 14, 2013

Meaningful Mentorships

Some of the state's most influential people delivered a special message at the Virginia Mentoring Partnership luncheon: 

Since 1993, the Virginia Mentoring Partnership and affiliates have touched the lives of countless individuals by training 30-thousand volunteers who have donated money and time.

Governor Bob McDonnell says sometimes young people are looking for a second chance, or need someone in addition to their parents to step in.  He says they often become more productive parents, employees, business owners, and mentors themselves.

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