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The number of children who live in poverty is coming down across the country. But not in Virginia.

As white supremacists battled their opponents in Charlottesville last summer, a counterprotester used an aerosol can to create a small flame-thrower.  He said he did so in self-defense and the prosecutor argued for leniency, but Corey Long may be headed for jail.

A woman who says she was drugged and restrained at the University of Virginia Medical Center is suing doctors, nurses and other personnel, claiming she did not want treatment, and the Supreme Court said she had the right to refuse.

Rog Cogswell, Creative Commons

Republicans in Washington are locked in a debate over what Congress should, or even can do, about immigration reform this election year.

And most Virginia Republicans are sticking to party leader’s script.

Hachette Press

A new book, co-authored by a Virginia Tech biologist, about-- well let's call it the aftermath of digestion. It made it all the way to the New York Times' best sellers list.