Virginia State Police

Tornadoes caused significant damage and some injuries across southern and central Virginia Sunday evening.

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Should local law-enforcement agencies enforce federal immigration law? That’s a debate that’s currently playing out in jails across Virginia.

The Facebook fiasco is calling attention to an application known as 'machine learning.' That's where computer systems benefit from their experience, and automatically 'improve' their performance going forward. Could the same  be in store for the tech industry? 

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Virginia could become the next state to add work requirements for Medicaid. The conservative reforms are being proposed by lawmakers in Virginia’s House. It’s part of a strategy to convince the state Senate to support Medicaid expansion.

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Virginia’s Seventh District is a small slice of the state, but the Congressional race there is drawing a lot of attention. Democrats think they can pick up the seat in the 2018 midterms. But first they have to choose a candidate.