Two State Troopers Killed in Helicopter Crash

Aug 12, 2017

Two veteran state troopers were killed when their helicopter crashed Saturday afternoon.  The troopers were assisting with police activities around Charlottesville.

Toby Talbot / AP



Policy wonks call it the “last mile” - the infrastructure needed to get high-speed internet down those long and sparsely populated country roads. It’s expensive, and private companies are unlikely to recoup that investment from just a couple of households.

Rally in Charlottesville: Updating

Aug 11, 2017
Sandy Hausman

This post is updating with Tweets and dispatches from Charlottesville in the aftermath of yesterday's 'Unite the Right' Rally.

Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality is holding public hearings on the potential effects on water resources by the proposed Mountain Valley natural gas pipeline.  Director David Paylor agreed to hold two additional informal hearings in communities along its route, to give people a chance to ask questions and get answers. 

Steve Helber / AP

This year’s election may end up being more important than most because the next governor will oversee a new round of political maps that will shape Virginia politics for the next decade.