Those who say Virginia—and Richmond—are still fighting the Civil War need only look at current state policy changes and debates over the Confederate flag and monuments to back up their claims. 

And now while the home of the Confederacy and former slave-trading hub will soon be home to one of the most watched sporting events in the world, some say that as the country discusses racial diversity and equality, the event's organizers will be promoting and embracing the ugliest chapter in American history.  

As state lawmakers decide whether to mandate abuse-deterrent formulations for opioid medications in health insurance plans, an expert makes one thing clear: Americans have a huge problem with pain and don't manage it well. As a result, billions are being spent on pain-relief drugs that often lead to addiction. Some are urging lawmakers to do something to mitigate those costs.

Opponents of the Mountain Valley Pipeline continued their fight today in Roanoke, as protestors sought to greet Governor Terry McAuliffe with signs as he attended a business council meeting at the Hotel Roanoke. 

Rising healthcare costs have prompted the state to try something new. 

Instead of relying solely on doctors and nurses to keep people healthy, the Department for Aging and Rehabilitation has been offering workshops for those with chronic diseases – teaching them how to manage diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain and other problems. April Holmes, Coordinator of Prevention Programs, says participants meet for two and a half hours each week, for six weeks, to explore better ways of caring for themselves.

The 'Kitty Hawk Moment' for Drones

Jul 16, 2015

This weekend is the 16th year the Remote Area Medical Team will be in Wise County Virginia providing free dental, medical, and vision care to people. And it’s the first time a drone will deliver medicine to the site.  It’s a real world test of how drones could deliver medical help to people in remote areas. 

Jon Greene is acting associate director of the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech. He says when it comes to UAS, Unmanned Aircraft Systems commonly known as drones, the main concern is safety for people on the ground.