Students Enroll in Surprising Course

Oct 17, 2017
Christine Kueter, UVA School of Nursing

It’s no surprise when courses on American film, comic books, circus arts and psychology fill up, but at the University of Virginia one of the most difficult subjects is also attracting a crowd.  

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Virginia’s Attorney General has sued the Trump administration five times. He’s challenged the president’s decision to end DACA, the so-called Muslim Ban, and the recent decision to end subsidies that help poor Virginians afford health insurance.

Now Mark Herring is up for re-election, and criticized for being too political.

National Science Foundation / LIGO / Sonoma State University / A. Simonnet

Astronomers and astrophysicists alike are abuzz this week over a cosmic event that occurred millions of years ago.

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The latest polls are showing a mixed picture in the hotly contested race for governor. Democrat Ralph Northam has a small but consistent lead against Republican Ed Gillespie in two new polls.

Virginia has a reputation as a state with low taxes and a friendly business environment. A new study challenges that reputation, however.