Tiny Pest Attacking World's Biggest Crop

May 26, 2016

A highly destructive insect that attacks tomatoes is spreading around the world. Plant Pathologists at Virginia Tech are warning it could cause total crop loss in places where it gains a foothold if preventative measures are not taken.  Robbie Harris reports.

By last fall, the tiny “South American Tomato Leaf Miner” had already taken a huge bite out of the world’s tomato crop, chewing up around 40 per cent.

“It is expanding now.  It probably went about 50 per cent.”

Professor, Muni Muniappan is director of the Integrated Pest Management Lab at Virginia Tech.

Kroger and Union Workers Reach Tentative Agreement

May 25, 2016
Creative Commons

Kroger and the food workers union have a new deal…one that will stop a possible strike next week.

The tentative contract agreement comes after two days of negotiations between Local 400 of the United Food and Commercial Workers, and the biggest supermarket chain in the country.  

Patients Seek Narcotics in the Emergency Room

May 25, 2016

As the Virginia death toll from opiates continues to rise, two big healthcare groups recently endorsed new opiate prescription guidelines aimed at hospital emergency rooms in an attempt to curb the epidemic. Jessie Knadler talks to two ER physicians in Augusta County about the guidelines, and what it’s like to work on the front lines of the drug scourge.

Open Mic: The Graduate

May 24, 2016
Holly Marcus, Special to the Staunton News Leader

It’s graduation season, and millions of young people are collecting diplomas – but they’re not alone.  More and more older Americans are wrapping up a college degree – among them Charlottesville – area author Faith Andrews Bedford.

GOP Files Suit Over Restoring Voting Rights

May 23, 2016

Republicans in the General Assembly are not just speaking out against Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s plan to restore voting rights to 200,000 former felons. They’re taking their case to court, filing a lawsuit in the Virginia Supreme Court.