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Have you filed your taxes yet? Perhaps you're concerned about the tax burden you face.

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Virginia has a new memorial at Capitol Square in Richmond. It’s a tribute to Virginia’s native tribes. Called “Mantle,” the memorial was dedicated at a ceremony Tuesday morning.

Fifty-two years ago a troop ship in Oakland, California sailed for Vietnam, carrying over 3,000 men.  They slept in very tight quarters on canvas hammocks – one just a few inches above the man who slept below.  That canvas was a tempting target for graffiti. Lots of it.

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Lawmakers are back in Richmond this week, still trying to hammer out a deal to finalize the budget. Although most of the attention has been focused on expanding health insurance to poor people, that’s not the only funding debate still playing out.

Virginia Public Access Project

There's a polling place in Dickenson County with no restrooms, no wheelchair access and not enough for space for people to vote without turning sideways.  It appears the precinct's voters won't see improvements anytime soon.  And Richmond is considering a plan that would reimburse homeowners for setting up security cameras.