Democrats Delight in GOP Convention Controversies

Jul 22, 2016

While this year’s Republican National Convention was a nightmare for some party members, many Democrats were delighted by what they saw – among them, Virginia’s party chair Susan Swecker.

“It has been very interesting every night – yes!," she chuckled. "Y’know these things are usually very tightly scripted, and it has been fascinating night after night to just watch it go off the rails.” 

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The Shenandoah National Park recently closed two trails because of reports that bears were getting too close to hikers. In Charlottesville, a bear was spotted outside a busy shopping center, and another turned up on the campus of James Madison University. These normally shy creatures who live on acorns and berries are taking unusual liberties with people.

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The 2016 Republican National Convention has now wrapped, with Donald Trump accepting the party's nomination for president. Before the convention's conclusion, we spoke to more of the Virginia delegation walking the floor of the Quicken Loans Arena.

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A class-action federal lawsuit against a payday lender may break new legal ground next month. That’s when a Virginia judge could deliver a ruling that will absolve hundreds of people from loans worth about a half a million dollars. 

It’s been nearly five years since an earthquake hit Virginia, toppling chimneys and brick walls, cracking foundations and toppling furniture.  No one was killed or seriously injured, and for many people, it’s just an exciting memory, but for some the quake may have produced a silent but dangerous problem for homeowners.