Thanks to a $500,000 state grant, central Virginia is getting its first and only shelter for victims of human trafficking.


Should candidates for local offices be identified as Republicans or Democrats in Virginia? That’s an issue now being considered by the courts.

Sandy Hausman / WVTF

This week, a commission established to improve mental health care in Virginia met in Richmond to discuss plans for next month’s legislative session. They’ve vowed to reform the system, but the state budget is tight, and many things they’d like to do will cost more money. One approach, however, costs very little, and participants say it saved their lives. Sandy Hausman has details on how peer support works. Walk through the front door of this modest yellow house near downtown Charlottesville,...

Virginia Crime Commission

For those who are willing to traffic in illegal goods, the big money is not in cocaine or heroin. As Michael Pope tells us, criminals are cleaning up with illegal cigarettes.

Prison, or Treatment, for the Mentally Ill?

Dec 7, 2016
Pete Earley

Virginia has nine mental hospitals caring for about 1,400, but an estimated 13,000 people with serious mental illness are locked up in Virginia prisons and jails. Now, however, some communities have begun diverting those with mental health issues to treatment programs.