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Fresh off a campaign shakeup, Donald Trump is facing new allegations that people who work for him are making questionable statements about Muslims online. 

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Many of Virginia’s colleges are back in session this week. Classes at Virginia Tech started Monday, the University of Virginia’s began today -- and Virginia Commonwealth University kicks things off tomorrow.

After Hours E-Mail Creates Special Kind of Stress

12 hours ago

If you feel like you’re working more hours than you used to, it may be because you ARE.  A new study finds getting emails after work hours, not only eats into your ‘off time’ it also causes a special kind of stress.  

It’s called ‘anticipatory stress.’  It’s not so much dealing with the actual email that comes in outside normal work hours.  It’s the worry that one might.

“ You know you never leave work behind so even when you’re at your kid’s soccer game you’re still checking your email or worrying about email that might come or thinking about an email that you got.”

UVA Battles Booze with a Better Party

Aug 22, 2016

Police in Charlottesville continue their search for a suspect in the rape of a young woman on the UVA campus early Saturday morning.  She was pulled from a sidewalk by a man wielding a knife.  It was an unhappy reminder of a problem that has plagued universities nationwide. 

To address the risk of sexual assault and the prevalence of binge drinking, administrators tried something new this year – hoping to protect incoming freshmen.

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Governor Terry McAuliffe’s effort to restore voting rights to former felons is attracting some criticism from Republicans, who say the move a politically motivated effort to help his friend Hillary Clinton win the White House.