Police Car Hoods Up, Cameras Can't Shoot?

4 hours ago
Shakeva Frazier

At a time when tensions between police and the communities they serve, often heat up quickly, good communication can help lower the temperature.   That’s what happened in Danville when a story began circulating about police cars seen around town with their hoods up. It got people wondering whether that was being done to block the cars’ dashboard cameras.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Sparks Protest in Buckingham

14 hours ago

About 150 people came to a meeting of the Buckingham County Planning Commission Monday to protest Dominion’s plan for a compressor station that would push natural gas through the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  Sandy Hausman reports on why area residents are worried and what the company had to say.

Rosmarie Voegtli / Flickr

If you purchase health care in Virginia through the Obamacare marketplace, you might want to budget out a bit more in monthly payments this year.

U.S. Congress

Many young people are disconnected from school and work, a situation that some say can lead to a life of crime and prison. In Virginia Beach, for example, 20 percent of blacks age 16 to 24 are not in school and have no job. Now one Virginia congressman has a very expensive solution.

Broadband Access Remains Roadblock to Rural Prosperity

17 hours ago
Sean MacEntee / Flickr

Yesterday, Governor McAuliffe opened his annual Summit on Rural Prosperity. The event brings business leaders, delegates and state officials together for two days of economic brainstorming.