Comedy Tour Urges U.S. to Boycott Bigotry

Jul 20, 2018

Two Muslim comedians will launch a national tour in Charlottesville Friday to protest bigotry and promote a boycott.  Sandy Hausman has that story.

As a stand-up comic raised by immigrant parents from Iran, Negin Farsad  often jokes about cultural issues.  She’s a Muslim, but she’s also an American who believes diversity is good and sometimes sexy.

Adventures on Top of the World

Jul 20, 2018

For many people, travel by air has lost its allure, but there’s at least one airport in Virginia that thrills travelers from around the world.  Sandy Hausman paid a visit and filed this report.

Hot Springs, Virginia – in Bath County -- has the highest public airport east of the Mississippi – a one-mile strip of asphalt at the top of a mountain.

“You lay a miles of asphalt and call it a highway, you can go exactly one mile.  With this you can go anywhere you want to in the world.”

That’s Paul Howell, chairman of the airport authority and a big fan of the view.

Tent Pitching Protest Against the ACP

Jul 20, 2018

Camping is a popular summer activity, and some opponents of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline are hoping to capitalize on that – inviting those who’d like to pitch a tent in a beautiful place to come on down.  Sandy Hausman reports on this novel approach to protest.

MBandman / Creative Commons

Suicide rates are on the rise in Virginia, especially among women.

Lawmakers are trying to figure out ways to reverse the trend.

Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond will give more resources to community college students, who transfer to the university studying in STEM fields. That’s thanks to a new one-million dollar grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.