Seagrass Comeback Bolsters Climate Change Battle

6 minutes ago
University of Virginia

There’s good news on the environmental front today.  Aerial surveys show a 21% increase in sea grasses – plants that store carbon and other greenhouse gases while making the Chesapeake Bay a cleaner place.  Sandy Hausman reports that Virginia is becoming a model for other countries hoping to fight climate change.

Virginia Governors Have Long History of Travel Abroad

21 hours ago
AP Photo/Christophe Ena


Going out to eat in London? Depending on where you are, you may now be able to order a bottle of wine made here in Virginia. Those are the kinds of export, import deals Virginia’s Governor is making as he travels across the UK, Germany, and Belgium this week. 

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With rain still falling and heavy fog surrounding the Shenandoah National Park, firefighters took a break, announcing that the blaze is largely contained and many of the trees have survived. 

Starting a food business can be tough because of the expense of operating out of a licensed space. A new project in Roanoke is hoping to lower that barrier to entry for early-stage food businesses in the region.

Shenandoah Park Recovers After 10,000-Acre Fire

Apr 28, 2016

Officials say they’ve contained most of a 10-thousand acre fire that swept across the Shenandoah National Park over the past week.  While the blaze destroyed debris on the forest floor, many trees have survived.  Sandy Hausman reports from a staging area near Waynesboro.

Firefighters and support personnel seemed relieved as they stopped for snacks, bottled water, coffee and conversation.  Park Superintendent Jim Northup, who has battled dozens of forest fires in other parks over the last 30 years, says this one was a particular challenge.