Charlottesville Art Gallery

Opening Date: Friday, May 5th,  5-7 PM

Where: WVTF and RADIO IQ Studio Gallery in Charlottesville.

Cost: Free

Cider by Bold Rick Hard Cider, food by Feast

WVTF RADIO IQ, UVA Arts, and New City Arts would like to invite you to this month's exhibit, "hurtsmyeyes," mixed media works by Nina Frances Burke.

Visual artist Nina Frances Burke uses data to map relationships between random objects or events, applying an idiosyncratic vocabulary of geometric forms, light, and found object installations to explore the nature of form and language. Her practice focuses on the analog in data and installation, maintaining traces of hand and history when utilizing (high/low) technology.

Statement: This installation marks a shift in my studio practice from conceptual data-driven works. It began with geometric works on paper; an exercise in counterintuitive combinations of color and form - not pretty, but satisfying. I was looking at a lot of Sigmar Polke and Frank Stella, saw the Stella retrospective at The Whitney, and then discovered that the Dayglo Color Company was still selling fluorescent paints. When I had poured hurts-my- eyes-bright pink onto every available surface in my studio, I cast an eye onto a likely pile of found scrap wood, and then my works on paper morphed into this body of work.

I consider each object in the site-specific installation as a discrete unit of expression (like a word), made from found materials, and made of itself. I consider color as itself as well. Objects group together like a sentence, a non-linear lyric narrative like a paragraph or poem. I use found objects gleaned from the waste stream of our late-capitalist building boom, recycling centers, and my local hardware store, rather than the art supply store, finding great value in marks of age and use.