Charlottesville Art Gallery

WHEN: Friday, December 2nd, 5-7 PM

WHERE: WVTF and RADIO IQ Studio Gallery at 218 West Water Street C102 in downtown Charlottesville

COST: Free

WVTF, RADIO IQ and the New City Arts Initiative would like to invite you to our Art Gallery in Charlottesville for a showing of selected art. Food will be provided by Timbercreek Market with cheese provided by Flora Artisanal Cheese. Cider by Bold Rock Cider. 

Featured Exhibit: "Tangiable Intangiables" by Cameron Mankin

Cameron Mankin is interested in depicting intangible things. His prints (a mix of woodcut, inkjet, and etching) hope to depict phenomena that really only appear to or are constructed by the human mind – things like authenticity or originality. The prints in this exhibition are drawn from two quixotic efforts to distill such ideas into physical objects.

14 Fallen from Daredevil #11 attempts to isolate empathy. Comic books are full of marginalized figures that are thrown around like ragdolls by the larger-than-life heroes and villains that occupy their pages. These figures provide a unique opportunity to practice empathy, forming a one-on-one connection through repeated contact. In this case, that contact happens to take the form of repeated redrawing and etching.