Law & Crime

Law & Crime
3:03 pm
Thu October 2, 2014

Heroin and Prescription Drug Summit in Virginia

Surprised by a growing epidemic of heroin and pain killer abuse, state officials held a summit meeting today to talk about why 900 Virginians lost their lives to opiate-based drugs last year and what should be done about it.  

Honesty Liller was not the girl you’d expect to be a heroin addict.  She grew-up in a middle-class household near Richmond in a two-parent family, graduated from high school at 16 and had an after school job.  She also started drinking and using drugs at the age of 12.

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Law & Crime
8:32 pm
Tue September 30, 2014

Lawmakers Work to Revise State Child Pornography Laws

Crime Commission Legal Affairs Director Steward Petoe

Lawmakers on the Virginia Crime Commission have been working to fine-tune the state’s child pornography statutes.  The members began combing through the law after a judge and two prosecutors were drafting model jury instructions and noticed some ambiguities. The commission’s goal is to help ensure that innocent people are not inadvertently entrapped—and that guilty perpetrators don’t escape conviction.

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Hannah Graham Update
9:08 am
Tue September 30, 2014

Harrington Family Reacts to Possible Break in Daughter's Unsolved Murder Case

State police say forensic evidence has allowed them to connect a man charged in the kidnapping of UVA student Hannah Graham to the case of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, who disappeared in 2009. A look at the reaction from Harrington’s family and the on-going search for Graham. 

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Hannah Graham & Morgan Harrington
8:23 am
Tue September 30, 2014

A Closer Look at the DNA Link Between the Graham & Harrington Cases

Credit Galveston County Sheriff's Office

State police say the arrest of Jesse “LJ” Matthew has provided a forensic link to the case of Morgan Harrington, the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student who disappeared from the University of Virginia during a concert there in 2009. WVTF talks with experts on science and the law to find out what that might mean for Matthew, who’s now accused of kidnapping Hannah Graham. 


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Five Years into the Investigation
2:17 pm
Mon September 29, 2014

Forensic Evidence Links Suspect in Custody to Morgan Harrington Case

Morgan Harrington

As the investigation continues into missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, there is now new evidence in the investigation into the murder of Morgan Harrington, the Virginia Tech student who went missing in Charlottesville back in 2009.

The arrest last week of 32-year-old Jesse “LJ” Matthew of Charlottesville, on charges of abducting 18-year-old Hannah Graham, provided a new forensic link to the Harrington Case, according to the Virginia State Police.

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