Law & Crime

Reporters May Be Targets
2:34 pm
Sun October 26, 2014

FBI Warns Media About ISIS Threats

There have been rumors, grumblings, and conspiracy theories about planned attacks by ISIS or ISIL militants on American soil—but nothing credible.

A recent FBI bulletin sent to media outlets warns that the terror organization is trying to persuade noncombatant sympathizers to execute or kidnap specific groups of American citizens.

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Call for Expansion
6:15 pm
Thu October 23, 2014

DNA Database: A Tool for Good or Evil?

DNA Extraction

In recent years, Virginia’s DNA database has tripled in size, due to state laws mandating the collection of DNA from felons.

There have been calls for further expansion of the database, to include more misdemeanors….though some civil libertarians object. 

"It's too late for Morgan. Save the next girl."

That's Gil Harrington, mother of the Virginia Tech student whose mysterious death spurred the family to press for deeper testing, including so-called familial DNA, something Virginia added to its forensic repertoire three years ago.

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Technology Innovations
7:06 am
Thu October 23, 2014

Virginia Considers New Anti-Hacker Technology


A presentation by the head of the state's Virginia Information Technologies Agency puts into perspective how careful people should be with their electronic data. While there are institutions in place such as VITA to help safeguard against hackers and identity thieves, extra vigilance by ALL consumers is warranted. 


CIO Sam Nixon tells the General Assembly's Joint Commission on Technology and Science that his agency’s number one priority is I-T security, but hackers literally from all over the world are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in their system.

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Looking Back at 'Pivotal' Evidence
3:41 pm
Wed October 22, 2014

T-Shirt in Harrington Case: A Link, a Clue, or a Taunt?

Morgan Harrington's t-shirt was found 10 miles from her body at this 15th Street apartment building.
Credit Hawes Spencer

For nearly five years, a rock band t-shirt that mysteriously appeared near the University of Virginia has been one of the most connective yet perplexing clues in the death of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington.

The shirt.

Morgan Harrington's mother calls it "pivotal" because authorities said it connected her daughter's death-- which in turn was forensically linked to the recent disappearance of Hannah Graham-- back to a 2005 rape in the city of Fairfax.

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Law & Crime
8:16 am
Wed October 22, 2014

Online Impersonation May Soon Be Considered a Crime


State lawmakers on the Virginia Crime Commission are working to hammer out provisions to criminalize the act of impersonating another individual on-line. They’re trying to get ahead of the new versions of fraud that are emerging in the digital age … which can harm reputations or cause financial damage. The panel found that it’s not as easy to penalize such acts as it might first appear.  

Delegate Todd Gilbert first raised the issue after a local teacher had a problem.

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