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Some Virginia localities already use police body cameras at their own discretion. But as more consider utilizing the tool, the state's Secure Commonwealth Panel is drafting recommendations to establish specific guidelines. However, the state ACLU has a little bit of a problem with how they're going about it.

Have you ever questioned what qualifies a person to be selected as a judge who’s responsible for many life-altering decisions? 

Ever wondered how detailed and transparent the vetting process is—and whether the jurist is invested in the overall well-being of the community which he or she serves? 

A new proposal by a gubernatorial commission would guide how state lawmakers go about making their selections, while getting input from their local communities.

Flanagan Had a Tumultuous Year Employed at WDBJ

Aug 27, 2015

The general manager of Roanoke-based WDBJ Television says the ex-employee who killed two of his former colleagues yesterday hadn't had any confrontations with station staff members when he saw them around town in the two and a-half years since he'd been fired.

Vester Flanagan shot and killed two members of the WDBJ news crew, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, during a live broadcast Wednesday at Smith Mountain Lake.  A woman they were interviewing, Vicki Gardner, is recovering from surgery after being shot in the back. 

AP Photo/Steve Helber

 When a tragedy like yesterday’s shootings takes place, some people feel the need to look away.

But one person who has been there says you should do just the opposite… and that American society must look even more deeply at this phenomenon, if it is to have any hope of preventing these tragedies. 

WDBJ Journalists Fatally Shot at Smith Mountain Lake

Aug 26, 2015
WDBJ via Twitter

  3:55 UDATE: Portions of Williams's manifesto have been published by ABC News where he alleges he experienced instances of racial discrimination and bullying at work, and cites the Charleston Church shooting as a tipping point.  

2:15 UPDATE: Outlets report that the suspect has died. 

1:55 UPDATE: Vicki Gardner, head of the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce, is out of surgery and is reportedly in stable condition.