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The parents of slain college students Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham got their first look at the man they believe killed their daughters.

The hearing itself was uneventful. The judge quickly granted the defense request to hire a DNA expert and push back the trial date so the expert could sift through the evidence.

Governor McAuliffe has named March “Mediation Month” in the Commonwealth, to honor the work done in courts and other resolution centers. 

The Virginia Association for Community Conflict Resolution and the Virginia Mediation Network are promoting several free seminars during the month.

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Virginia's former First Lady spoke publicly for the first time since both she and her husband were indicted and subsequently convicted on federal corruption charges. Tommie McNeil explains, her testimony not only elicited a tearful reaction from some in the courtroom, but also prompted the judge to give her a better sentencing deal than her husband’s. 

Maureen McDonnell expressed remorse and apologized for "letting the serpent into the mansion"—referring to Jonnie Williams, the businessman whose testimony led to the convictions of both Maureen and former Governor Bob McDonnell.

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A Republican state senator is trying desperately to crack down on cigarette trafficking from Virginia to the Northeast, which evidence suggests is so profitable that it’s funding terrorist organizations and fuels organized crime. But several members of his own caucus in the House are standing in the way of one bill that’s passed the Senate. 

Matthew Murder Trial May Closely Follow Fairfax

Feb 18, 2015

Sixteen days after his indictment for the murder of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, Jesse L. Matthew Jr. is on his way to a jury trial in Albemarle.

Refusing to follow the defense's request for trial by judge, Commonwealth's Attorney Denise Lunsford insisted on a jury. And veteran defense lawyer Scott Goodman explains why.