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Debate 1: Clinton, Trump and "achieving prosperity"

Sep 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are head to head for this, their first presidential debate, on Monday, Sept 26, 2016. The Marketplace team weighs in throughout the night.

Lane Wallace

Rolling Stone Magazine is selling a 49 percent stake to BandLab, a music startup in Singapore.

That comes as print ad sales are down for the magazine, and it continues pushing its digital presence. The magazine, which built its reputation decades ago on its counterculture appeal and gonzo reporting style, has maintained some heavy-hitting reporting and a focus on the music industry even as it’s become significantly more mainstream.

Oculus Rift founder apologizes for funding pro-Trump group

Sep 26, 2016

On today's show, we'll talk about Rolling Stone's decision to sell 49 percent of its stake to a music startup based in Singapore; why the U.S. Department of Education will no longer recognize the largest accreditor of for-profit colleges; and an apology from Palmer Luckey, the CEO of Oculus Rift, for funding a group that supports Trump.

David Brancaccio

Of the 23 winners of the MacArthur 'genius' grants announced last Friday, one recipient was honored for financial innovation. Jose Quinoñez, founder and CEO of the San Francisco-based Mission Asset Fund, works with low-income people who often do not have bank accounts or much data in their credit files.

D Gorenstein

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump square off in the first presidential debate Monday, and predictions are that over 100 million viewers will tune in. That would rank the event among the most-watched programs in TV history, and the broadcast and cable networks airing the debate hope to cash in.

The debate itself is ad-free, but broadcasters and cable networks will still cash in. Thirty-second spots before and after the debate are going for $200,000 to $250,000 on the national networks.