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In UK, Brexit vote effects still unclear

Aug 25, 2016
Sam Beard

Two months ago, the Brits woke up to find that they had voted to leave the European Union. Doom mongers predicted disaster. So two months on, what effect has the Brexit shock had on the U.K. economy?  

EU supporters had warned that Brexit could cause mass unemployment — that as many as 3 million people could be thrown on to the dole. 

That has not even begun to happen. Unemployment has fallen to 4.9 percent, an 11-year low.  

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton is scheduled to campaign in Nevada. Statewide polls show a tight race there between her and Donald Trump.

Nevada is a most unusual battleground state. Unlike traditional Rust Belt swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, the economic concerns of Nevada present a new set of problems for would-be presidents, a potent cocktail of America’s economic past, present and future. This includes issues currently scorching the campaign trail, such as immigration and infrastructure.

What differentiates Trump supporters economically?

Aug 25, 2016
David Brancaccio

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is making the economy a central issue this election season, as so many before him. His chief economic beef? Bad trade deals. The polling firm Gallup has released a massive study of Trump supporters, aiming to better understand, through income and employment data, why trade has become so unpopular among them.

Marketplace Tech for Thursday, August 25, 2016

Aug 25, 2016

On today's show, we'll talk about Uber's partnership with Betterment to give its drivers saving-for-retirement options; increased efforts from employers to retain good workers; and Japan's plans to use e-waste in the creation of its Olympic medals for the 2020 games.


On today's show, we'll talk about the news that Orlando hospitals have decided not to bill victims of the mass shooting at a gay nightclub back in June; look at the potential for an interest rate hike; and interview a Gallup economist about who tends to support Republican Donald Trump for president.