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Apple’s earnings were a mixed bag

Jul 27, 2016
Lane Wallace

Apple has reported its latest profits to much fanfare, and results show iPhone sales have once again slumped, with overall sales down by the billions from this time last year. Still, stocks shot up because the results were better than expected.

To hear Apple CEO Tim Cook talk on the earnings call Tuesday, everything is rose golden.

“Apple Watch continues to be the best-selling smart watch in the world,” he said.

Third time was the charm

Jul 27, 2016
Andrea Seabrook, Gina Delvac, Nancy Marshall-Genzer, Kim Adams and Bridget Bodnar

Former President Bill Clinton gave a speech typical of a presidential spouse on Tuesday, revealing that he had proposed to Hillary Clinton three times. We take a look at whether Bill Clinton is an asset or liability for Hillary when it comes to the economy, and also chat with some workers behind the scenes at the Democratic National Convention to find out the economic issues that are on their minds.

The world's glass ceilings

Jul 27, 2016

On today's show, we'll talk about Hillary Clinton's glass-shattering presidential nomination, and the mystery of how much oil there's out there in the world.

Cruising for a purpose: have fun AND do good

Jul 27, 2016
Allison Keyes

Cruises are big business these days. Cruise Market Watch estimates the worldwide cruise market at $39.6 billion for 2015.

But some passengers are looking for more than casinos and fancy shore excursions. Carnival Corporation’s new brand, Fathom Travel, is seeking to tap into a growing market with its social impact cruises to the Dominican Republic and cultural immersion cruises to Cuba.

Amy Scott

Public pensions are having a rough time of it. Retirement plans for public employees, like teachers and police officers, are facing a $1 trillion funding gap. Meanwhile, large U.S. pensions are expected to report their worst long-term results in 15 years.