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Home sales drop 11.4 percent in April

May 23, 2017
Jana Kasperkevic

About 569,000 new single-family homes were sold in April, the Commerce Department announced this morning, about 50,000 homes short of what Wall Street expected. The disappointing April number was accompanied with upward revisions for March, when an estimated 642,000 homes were sold. That’s the highest since October 2007.


They call it "A New Foundation for American Greatness," we just call it the White House budget proposal. Whatever you want to call it, Trump's budget guy Mick Mulvaney presented it today with a focus on three percent economic growth. We talked to several experts who say the whole plan is based on assumptions and math that doesn't quite add up, not to mention a tax plan that isn't done yet. Then, we'll dig into the White House's proposed cuts to the USDA and Obamacare. Plus: how the mess at Penn Station ripples through the economy of the entire East Coast.

President Trump has proposed selling half of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, America’s emergency stockpile of oil, as part of his 2018 budget proposal. The White House says that would lower the federal deficit by nearly $17 billion over a decade. We'll take a look at how the reserve came about – and why there’s a debate over it.

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05/23/2017: Environmental scientists, wanted

May 23, 2017

With the stock and bond markets reacting to global events differently, Julia Coronado from Macropolicy Perspectives joins us to explain the disconnect. Afterwards, we'll look at the job market for EPA employees amid uncertainty about their future with the agency, and then explore what will happen with health care premium costs if Obamacare subsidies disappear.

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MANCHESTER, England (AP) — The Islamic State group claimed responsibility Tuesday for the suicide attack at an Ariana Grande show that left 22 people dead as young concertgoers fled, some still wearing the American pop star's trademark kitten ears and holding pink balloons.

Teenage screams filled the Manchester Arena just after the explosion Monday night, and members of the audience tumbled over guardrails and each other to escape. Fifty-nine people were injured in what British Prime Minister Theresa May called "a callous terrorist attack.''