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Kim Adams

Panama has been flying hundreds of Cuban migrants to Mexico, dropping them off close to the U.S. border so they can cross into America. The flights, expected to finish this month, are part of a deal with the Mexican government to relieve a backlog of migrants.

Panama is the latest of several Central American countries to close its border to Cuban immigrants trying to make it to the U.S., where they get special status upon crossing the border.

Bruce Johnson

statistical analysis from ProPublica out this week details how a sentencing algorithm that's being used in the administration of justice appears to be biased along racial lines. Julia Angwin is a senior reporter for ProPublica and worked on this.  

Andy Uhler

On June 20, Costco will make the switch from American Express to Visa as its exclusive credit card provider. It's a relatively painless process for the consumer, as new cards will come in the mail. But, David Schick, retail analyst at Consumer Edge Research, said there’s bound to be a slight disruption in sales just because of confusion.

“Anytime customers are used to doing something one way for a long time and that changes, that will have an impact to the short and even into the medium term," he said.

Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 25, 2016

On today's show, we'll talk about Pebble's foray into Kickstarter; a startup that pairs Syrian refugees with people around the world who want to speak Arabic; and Twitter's changes to its 140-character limit. 

New salary survey still finds few women in CEO ranks

May 25, 2016
D Gorenstein

Overall,  CEOs on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index earned a median $10.8 million — 4.5 percent more than last year’s median rate, and an increase more than double the rate of inflation. That’s according to a new survey released Wednesday from the Associated Press.

The survey also found female executives earned a median income of nearly $18 million, compared to $10.5 million for men.