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Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie fought off a nearly successful challenge in last month’s primary from Prince William County Board of Supervisor’s Chairman Corey Stewart. Today, Stewart announced what’s next. 


Plenty of shows and movies were shot in Washington, D.C., but these days filmmakers complain it’s way too much trouble. For one thing, security is tight near any famous federal buildings or monuments, and for another, the city can’t come up with the cash incentives offered by many states.  That’s why Virginia is getting an Emmy-award winning show that’s all about the CIA. 

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How should schools and teachers be evaluated in Virginia? And what role should standardized testing play. Michael Pope reports those tests are about to have less of an influence in schools across the Commonwealth.

Mallory Noe-Payne

On the campaign trail, Virginia’s Republican candidate for Governor is talking about how to save taxpayer money, while also tackling the opioid epidemic.

Controversial Drug Used in Virginia's Latest Executions

Jul 12, 2017
Mallory Noe-Payne

Last week Virginia executed 36-year-old William Morva for the murders of a sheriff’s deputy and security guard back in 2006. In the final hours of his life, Morva’s lawyers raised concerns over how Virginia gets the drugs it uses in executions, and why they may not be working properly.

Lessons Learned from the KKK

Jul 12, 2017
City of Charlottesville

No one was seriously injured and there were just 22 arrests in Charlottesville Saturday when about a thousand people surrounded fewer than 50 members of the Ku Klux Klan.  Now, police are reviewing what happened and getting ready for the next contentious rally next month.  

AP Photo / Steve Helber


Tuesday, state officials opened up the soon-to-be demolished General Assembly building in downtown Richmond for what might have been the largest yard sale in Virginia history… The public was invited to peruse and purchase all 11-stories of artifacts, office supplies and junk. 

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

Virginia Indian tribes have been seeking federal recognition for decades, and they are closer now than they have ever been. But a new score from the Congressional Budget Office might be a stumbling block for moving forward.

As the Senate considers a major overhaul to the Affordable Care Act, parents of medically complex children are worried about their future, and what might happen to them if Medicaid is cut. This week, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine heard from several of these parents in a roundtable discussion in Northern Virginia. 

New City Arts Welcomes New City Barks

Jul 10, 2017

For some people, art galleries are intimidating, but Charlottesville’s New City Arts Initiative has come up with a way to put people at ease.  Sandy Hausman reports on new rules at the Welcome Gallery.


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