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GRAND PRIZE DRAWING AT THE CONCLUSION OF OUR SPRING DRIVE: From Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom, a queen or king Serenity Organic mattress in Dunlop Natural Latex. Includes local delivery or shipping. From Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom in Ivy, just 4 miles west of Charlottesville. Retail value: Up to $3500. 

    WVTF-RADIO IQ Spring 2015 Fund Drive Drawing Prize Rules

WVTF-RADIO IQ offers various drawing prizes during its on-air fund drives.

  • Drawing prizes are announced to be given away at specific times if a minimum dollar amount is reached.
  • Winners are drawn from a pool of names by a random number generator.
  • The pool of names is made up of the following: 
  •  Anyone who makes a donation to the radio station during the fund drive is in the pool.  These donations may be made in the mail, via telephone, via Internet, in person, or by any other method that recognizes a donation during the fund drive.
  • Anyone who requests to be eligible for the drawings.  No donation is necessary to be added to the pool.  Requests to be in the drawing prize pool may be made by phone call, letter, via the Internet pledge form which includes a “drawings only” option, in person, or by any other method of contact that recognizes a request to be entered into the drawing pool.

All names in the pool are eligible for the next drawing and all subsequent drawings.  Drawings end at the conclusion of the fund drive when the last drawing is held. 

Entrant must give name and phone number to be eligible. 

Winners must be over 18 years of age.

Entrants names are entered as they are received before and during the on-air fund drive programming. 

The earlier a name is added, the more often the name is eligible to win. 

The odds of winning are determined by the number of entrants in the pool at the time of a drawing. 

Winners may not be employed by WVTF Public Radio or be an immediate relative or family member of a WVTF employee.

Prize winners will be contacted by WVTF Public Radio.

Winners will be announced by WVTF and posted on our web site unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous to the general public. 

Dollar value of prizes is listed on the WVTF Drawing Prize page of the stations web site.  Values are determined by prize donors.  Values will be announced on-air for each separate drawing. 

Each drawing is considered a separate “contest” but will follow these rules except the prizes will be unique for each separate drawing. 

If a dollar amount is not reached, then the contest will end with no drawing.  A new drawing prize contest will begin with a new goal. 

In the event that a prize is not awarded, that prize may be offered in another contest or given back to the donor, or retained by WVTF to be used in a future fund drive or as a promotional item to be determined in the future.