wind power

Bath County High School

When it comes to wind power, 12 states produce 80% of the energy, and Virginia is not among them. But that could be changing.  At KidWind, a national competition of high school students determined to design new turbines, five of  18 teams came from the Commonwealth  and the winners hailed from a tiny school in Bath County. 

Estonia Shows the Way to Offshore Wind

Sep 25, 2015

When the federal government announced it would award $47 million to Virginia for construction of an offshore wind demonstration project, officials hoped blades would be spinning by 2017, but that hope was dashed when the company got just one bid for construction – a price well above what it wanted to pay.  The utility says it will try again early next year – issuing a request for bids.  Meanwhile, offshore wind construction is booming in the North Sea, and now a tiny country on the Baltic is preparing to get into the game in a big way.  Sandy Hausman went to Estonia to see what lessons we m