Virginia Public Access Project

America is running short on people who have the skills to fix things.  And if you have an E-Z Pass in Virginia, you should know that if you don't use it you could lose it.

Virginia Public Access Project

Medical marijuana processing may soon bring some much needed jobs to Virginia's most economically depressed region. And there's an effort underway in Charlottesville to help mentally ill offenders get community support instead of jail time.

Educators in Norfolk have a plan to introduce economic diversity into pre-school.  And a Northern Virginia town is hoping to use excitement about the Washington Capitals hockey team to give itself an economic boost.

Virginia Public Access Project

The City of Martinsville wants to keep information about a failed attempt to build a medical school secret. And Richmond is now allowing people with mobile phones into its courthouse.

For years, the island town of Chincoteague  has been challenged to find fresh drinking water. Now it's gotten even harder.